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ElectroMini – The best portable dab rig money can buy

In the world of the portable dab rig and even vapes, it’s not often that you can use “the best” to describe a product. Frankly, most portable dab rigs or vapes leave much to be desired. The CloudV ElectroMini is a welcome departure from what is normally par for the course in the portable dab rig market. The CloudV ElectroMini is by far the smallest and most powerful portable e-nail that you can currently buy. But don’t be fooled by its size. As the saying goes “dynamite comes in small packages” and in the case of the CloudV ElectroMini the saying could not be truer.

ElectroMini Portable dab rig

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A powerful 3300mAh battery on a portable dab rig

That’s right, the CloudV ElectroMini has a 3300mAh battery contained inside its sleek design. That battery is used to heat up the titanium or quartz nails in close to 15 seconds. You can fully control the temperature of the nail. You can set the temperature of the 16mm nail anywhere between 290°C and 540°C, meaning that you will get the perfect temperature to suit your individual dabbing needs. This is a nice touch to have a portable e-nail as we all have friends that prefer blazing hot dabs over cool dabs and vice versa. Perfect for dabs, shatter, wax and even full extract cannabis oil.

CloudV ElectroMini – a truly portable dab rig

The CloudV ElectroMini is 30% smaller than it’s predecessor. The base is only 3.3cm in diameter and 20cm high. It weighs in at less than 450 grams, and most hardcore stoners have had a stash that weighs the same as the ElectroMini. It’s small size and the fact that it heats up perfectly every time, make the CloudV ElectroMini a truly portable dab rig. This is not an attempt at making a portable dab rig, it’s setting the standard for what to expect from any portable e-nail. You can easily pack your ElectroMini into a backpack or bag and take it with you when traveling or even just on your daily commute. I know that this will be my dab rig of choice for any future hiking trips that I take. Who needs to carry around with torches to heat nails when you are hiking, am I right?

portable dab rig

CloudV Upgrade Program is the perfect way to get a quality portable dab rig

The market is absolutely flooded with generic portable dab rigs that simply don’t have the same quality of build or ability to deliver what you would expect from a good quality portable e-nail. That is why CloudV started the CloudV Upgrade Program. If you have a generic portable dab rig you can easily upgrade it to a CloudV portable dab rig. Simply send the battery portion of your vaporizer along with a check or mail order of $100 for the ElectricMini, or $180 for the Electro to CloudV Enterprises, Upgrade Program, 206 N Jackson St Ste 301, Glendale, CA 91206.

The ElectroMini is already an absolute steal and completely affordable, but the CloudV Upgrade Program makes it affordable for even those who feel like they have wasted money on a generic portable dab rig.

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