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Three things you have to try while you are high

The old caricature of the washout stoner is disappearing like your stash when you buy marijuana online. The most hilarious part is that now that everyone can come out of the shadows and into the light of legal weed we are realizing that there are many more average Joe stoners out there. All these average Joe stoners have jobs, lives, families, friends like the vast majority of people from around the world. All of these people have their favorite thing to do while they are stoned. Yes, stoners don’t always just get baked and lie on the couch the whole day binging on Netflix Originals. There are plenty of option for things to do while you are high.

Personally, I think weed makes everything taste better, sex feel better, make conversations more interesting and entertaining and getting exercise a whole lot easier. Have you found the things you love to do when you’ve medicated? If not, here are a few suggestions to try:

Have a great meal

We all know that “the munchies” is a real thing. If you decide to have a meal, don’t overeat. That said, there are few things as good as a good meal when you are high. I used to do a joke about being high and eating something:

I challenge anyone who wants to tell me that they don’t think legal weed is a good idea to smoke a joint with me, and join me for the best fucking cheese burger they will ever eat. If after the meal they can still tell me that they think weed should be illegal, then maybe I’d pretend to listen to their silly arguments.

It doesn’t really matter what you have though. Everything tastes great when you are stoned. A crazy thing I sometimes do, that actually works, is eating healthy meals that I wouldn’t normally eat, like a salad. Another great option that healthier than stuffing your face with pizza, fried chicken and beer is fruit. Some of my favorite foods to have while stoned is bananas, pineapples, and mangoes. If you don’t want to limit yourself to one particular fruit, or you might want to get a bit fancy, how about a fruit salad with some yogurt? Add some granola and chocolate chips and you have a great meal for when you are high. I know, the chocolate chips take the health right out of that meal, but they just taste so damn good.

Go for a walk or a run

I love hiking and tokin’ while I hike. A three-day hike might not be an option for everyone, but everyone can take a walk. Or, if you can’t go hiking but still feel like you want to get the blood pumping you can go for a run. I don’t like running, even though it’s one of those things I try and force myself to do because I don’t want to struggle to walk when I’m 70 years old. Going for a run is never easy, but it’s much easier to get into when you are high. Contrary to cliched popular belief concerning weed, it doesn’t turn you into a useless pink puddle on a couch. I can’t even imagine going for a run without being high.

Try running while you are high

Put some headphones in your ears and fire up Spotify for music or a podcast. The monotonous grind of putting one foot in front of the other suddenly changes into a pleasure when high. Don’t ask me about the science behind it because I’m no scientist. What I can tell you is that it makes getting exercise a much more pleasurable experience when you are baked. Some would even say that exercise becomes a therapeutic experience when you are stoned. Plus, what better excuse to escape from the house for a while than going for a run?


These days everyone is a gamer, or everyone plays some type of video game. Be it on your phone, tablet, computer or console, no matter what your age there is a really good chance that you have a game installed on any of those devices. One of the more common ways to relax when you are high is by gaming. For many years college students have been getting stoned and challenging each other to games like Madden, Halo, Call of Duty etc. Not only is gaming a great thing to do while you are high, it’s also a great group activity.

Try gaming while you are high

Friends getting together for some pizza, snacks, a bong hit or two and some gaming is always fun. Some gamers even swear that gaming, while they are stoned, gives them a competitive advantage over sober gamers. It might be the ability to stay calm when other gamers heart rate is climbing that leads to the competitive edge. All I know is that gaming while stoned is one of my favorite past times.

Go float in a sensory deprivation tank

A sensory deprivation tank is a closed chamber with about a foot or two’s salt water in it. The water is heated and filtered to maintain a temperature close to the temperature of the human body. because of the high salt content of the water, you can effortlessly float in the tank. Once the door to the tank is closed you are in absolute darkness, where you can’t even see your hand in front of your own face. Getting high before you float in a sensory deprivation tank for an hour or two is an amazing experience.

Because the water temperature is the same as your body temperature you will quickly forget that you are even floating in the water. The absolute silence and darkness give you the perfect opportunity to get some serious thinking done. Start out slow and don’t get too high before getting in the tank. An hour should be enough at first, but if you keep floating then you will soon think that a two-hour float is too short. It’s an amazing, relaxing and sometimes psychedelic experience. As for how to get high, some vape, some smoke a joint, personally I prefer a nice mild edible before I go for a float.

Sit down and write

Even though everyone isn’t a writer, if you can read this it probably means that you can write too. I enjoy writing as a form of meditation, as a form of creative expression or as a way to gather my thoughts on any particular subject. Often after I’m done floating in an isolation tank I sit down to write a couple of paragraphs about what I just thought of or experienced in the tank. Some of most fun I’ve had writing was while I was high. Some of my best pieces of writing spawned from high-me.

A good writing exercise for anyone who is high is free writing. Free writing is when you sit down with a blank page in front of you and you just start writing the first thing that pops into your head and continue writing without stopping for a set amount of time. Start small, and just free write for two minutes, then gradually increase the time. You can set a stopwatch for yourself and before you know it you will easily be free writing for 30 minutes or more. You don’t have to write with a pen and paper. You can write on a computer or a smartphone too. Just make sure to go offline while you are writing, or put your smartphone on airplane mode so that browsing the web and social media doesn’t get in the way of your writing. Who knows, you might have an epic fictional novel waiting to just spill out of you with the help of some marijuana. Don’t count words, rather set goals for time to sit down and write and before you know if you will enjoy writing more than you ever thought you could.

It all just depends on your mood

When deciding what to do while you are high it all depends on what you are in the mood for. You might not even want to get high to medicate. A great option is CBD oil as that gives you many of the benefits of the cannabinoids found in cannabis, without getting you high. CBD Oil Canada isn’t always the easiest thing to get hold of, but if you live in Canada you can easily buy your CBD oil online.

Regardless of if you want to get high or not, these are still great things to do when you have medicated. Whether you feel like you just want to chill or if you want to do something physical, there are plenty of options out there. There is plenty of information on the internet around the topic of things to do while high. The most important thing is that you do something that you are comfortable doing. If you are in the mood to just Netflix and chill, then that is what you should do. If you want to cook and enjoy an epic meal, then that is what you should do. If you want to go get some exercise then that is what you should do.

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