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Tagged: cannabis seeds


Fast Buds 5 + 5 Promo for free seeds!

Fast Buds is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a great new promotion that will literally double the size of your garden. That’s because as part of the anniversary celebrations is the 5 + 5...


The 4 best South African cannabis strains

South African cannabis strains are well-known around the world. Although cannabis originated in Asia, the plant flourishes elsewhere in the world too. Yes, cannabis seeds have made their way around the world and one...


How to grow weed in South Africa

Now that the ConCourt has decriminalized personal use of dagga and personal cultivation of dagga, everyone is asking how to grow weed in South Africa? Luckily South Africa’s climate is perfect for growing weed and...


Should you have an indoor grow?

There are many reasons to decide that you should grow indoors. Especially now that cannabis is being legalized around the world and if you are lucky enough to be living in one of those...


Finding the best price for cannabis seeds

Cannabis seed shopping can be a daunting task. What is the difference between an online seed bank and an online dispensary? A dispensary like Heavy Supply sells cannabis products, not seeds. How do you...