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The best cannabis strains to grow outdoors in South Africa now

I get it. Since 18 September 2018 everything has been a haze for you. You were so busy celebrating the decriminalization of personal cannabis use in South Africa, that you forgot about personal cultivation also being decriminalized. Now it’s almost February 2019 and you still don’t have a single seed in the ground. The good news is that it’s not to late. You just need the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors in South Africa now, from February to May.

Best cannabis strains to grow outdoors in South Africa

What you need now is an autoflower cannabis seed

Autoflower cannabis strains are not dependant on a certain photoperiod to start flowering. In other words, autoflowering cannabis strains start flowering automatically at a certain age, regardless of the amount of daylight it receives. In South Africa when the days become shorter than the nights as we head into autum and winter, normal cannabis strains will start flowering in an attempt to breed before they die in the winter.

Most autflowering cannabis strains will flower in 8-12 weeks. That means that if you get a seed in the ground as soon as possible, you could be harvesting some sweet bud by middle or end of July.

What are the best autoflowering cannabis strains to plant now?

Fast Buds is cannabis genetics from the USA. Fast Buds started because growers wanted to be able to harvest 4 times a year instead of just once or twice a year. By cross-breeding some of America’s favourite strains with autoflower strains, Fast Buds have managed to produce multiple award winning autoflower strains that have made 4 harvests a year completely possible.

Cannabis Strains by FastBuds

Fast Buds autoflower cannabis strains were actually deleloped to grow perfectly in northern countries, and that means they flourish in the South African outdoors. Even when it is this late in the outdoor grow season. Trophy Seeds stocks almost every single one of the Fast Buds strains, and they are all great. There literally is a Fast Buds autoflower cannabis sstrain for everyone. But here are a few of my personal favourites:

A massive Fast Buds Gorilla Glue cannabis seed grown outdoors

Lemon AK

Lemon AK is the result of perfecting the originally created AK-47 strain. The Fast Buds Lemon AK introduces a lemon flavour to the earthy taste of traditional AK-47, but as an autoflower. If you are looking for a sativa dominant strain with a euphoric and stimulating high, then Lemon AK is the one for you. With proper care, this can be an extremly high yielding strain, leaving you with 300g of buds.

Zkittlez Autoflowering

What do you get when you create Zkittlez backcross Z3 and Fast Buds’ autoflower genetic magic? You get the sweet and fruity taste of Fast Buds Zkittlez Auto. It’s so sweet, the similarity to the Skittles sweet name should be obvious. This indica dominant strain produces a sweet candy falvoured smoke. It’s a well balanced buzz, perfect for some Netflix on the couch, but also great to take on a hiking trip with friends. Expect harvests of 150g 200g.

Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Auto

Girl Scout Cookies is a world famous strain for California. This strain is an indica-dominant hybrid autoflower, flowering in 8 – 9 weeks. No prizes for being able to guess that you will get smells and tastes of cookies from Girl Scout Cookies Auto. It affect both body and mind, but keeps the couch lock at bay and lets you focus and experience the sweet body buzz. GSC Auto has low CBD content, but THC levels of around 22%. Can be grown to yield 200g+.

Fast Buds cannabis seeds to grow outdoors in South Africa now

Time for outdoor growers is coming to a close. If you want to get a decent yielding cannabis grow in the 3-4 month window left for South Africans to grow outdoors. With Fast Buds genetics you can go from seed to weed in as little as 9 weeks. If you order your Fast Buds seeds from Trophy Seeds today, you can have your seeds in the ground by next week. Fast Buds is definitly some of the best cannabis seeds to grow outdoors in South Africa at this time of the season.

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  1. Jay says:

    How do I order and pay for seeds

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    @Jay: You can purchase online and can usually pay via EFT or Credit/Debit card.

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    Is the seeds also use for medical purpose

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