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Another Cannabis Seed bank that ships to SA: The Vault

Now that the cultivation of cannabis for private use, on private property has been decriminalized in South Africa, I get daily emails, DMs and Facebook Messages from South Africans that want to know where they can buy cannabis seeds. Although there are some local options, many of the local seed banks sell terrible white label seeds with inferior genetics. International seed banks are great, but they don’t always ship to South Africa. Luckily I was just informed that The Vault now also ships to South Africa.

Discount on cannabis seeds

Not only is this great news for those looking to buy cannabis seeds by well know breeders, but The Vault will also give you a 10% discount on your first order when you use offer code “FIRST10”. Buying seeds with proper and stable genetics can get expensive really quickly, so a 10% discount is always welcome. And just when you thought that 10% discount is a sweet deal, there is more special offers from The Vault where you can get free cannabis seeds.

Free cannabis seeds

That’s right, you can get free cannabis seeds with your order of seeds. Depending on how much you spend you can get between 1 and even 14 free seeds. Honestly, there are too many free seed offers on The Vault to mention all of them here, but head on over to their “Discount Cannabis Seeds” page and take a browse around. Personally I think the FastBuds and the Humboldt seed offers are great. Both FastBuds and Humboldt are well known for their healthy, stable genetics and strains. The Humboldt Gorillas Breath Feminised is a great strain and getting a free seed of that particular strain with any pack of Humboldt seeds you buy is a great special offer.

Global shipping on cannabis seeds

Living on the southern tip of Africa certainly has it’s advantages, especially if you are an outdoor grower. Our climate and weather pasterns are perfect for growing weed, and you don’t need to be a scientist to grow weed outdoors. You basically need a decent size pot, good potting soil or growing medium, water and sunlight and you are ready to go. One thing that is not great about being on the southern tip of Africa is that many international seed banks do not ship to South Africa.

The Vault offers a free international shipping guarantee: “If you have purchased one of our Stealth Shipping options with your international (non-UK) order and your package is lost by Royal Mail, your local postal provider, or even if it gets picked up by customs, don’t panic just get in touch and The Vault will happily provide you with a re-send of your order completely free of charge.”

Considering the cost involved with buying quality cannabis seeds, this is a great value add for anyone who is looking to buy cannabis seeds from an international seed bank. Nothing is worse than your seeds disappearing in transit and you still being out of pocket. In my mind, this global shipping guarantee alone is a great reason to use The Vault to buy your cannabis seeds.

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