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Finding the best price for cannabis seeds

Cannabis seed shopping can be a daunting task.

What is the difference between an online seed bank and an online dispensary? A dispensary like Heavy Supply sells cannabis products, not seeds. How do you choose the right seed bank? There are so many seed banks, shops, and producers out there that it can be hard to find the strain you are looking for. That is if you know what strain seed you want. We all know quality seeds come at a price, but what is the best price? CannabisOwl is the website that is going to become your first stop when looking for information on cannabis seeds. On CannabisOwl you’ll find all the information cannabis seed information you need. Links to shops, seed banks, and producers from all over the world will make it easy for you to find the cannabis seed strain that you are looking for.

Cannabis seed reviews

Cannabis seed and strain reviews

One of the most common questions for new and experienced seed buyers is: “What seed and what strain should I buy?”

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to cannabis strains. Personally, I’ve always been a big fan of Hazes. Specifically Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze. I simply typed “Lemon Haze” into the search box on CannabisOwl.com. I was met with a wide variety of Lemon Haze strains to choose from, I clicked a delicious looking image with “Lemon Haze Seeds” written on it.

Lemon Haze Seed review

There I found valuable information about this Lemon Haze strain. 15% – 25% THC, 70% Sativa dominant and a long flowering period of 9 – 10 weeks is just some of the information I found on the page. The page also has grown and feeding information for those who are lucky enough to be able to grow marijuana plants. There is also information on Lemon Haze’s use as medical marijuana and the medical conditions that can be treated with the plant. The search result I clicked on basically gave me a comprehensive review of the Lemon Haze strain but also included where to buy and how much I should expect to pay for my cannabis seeds.

The best cannabis seeds at the best price

What makes CannabisOwl really special is the fact that they give you multiple options of where to buy your cannabis seeds of choice. Once you have decided what strain you want, CannabisOwl will give you links to various shops and seed banks that you can buy your seeds from along with the price you can expect to pay at each.

Lemon haze cannabis seeds price

Within the “Lemon Haze Seeds for Sale” list you will also see discount codes for some of the retailers. These discount codes give you the option to get a discount on your purchase from certain seed banks. You will also see how long you will have to wait for your seed delivery to arrive at your door. Similar sites like theseedlingtruck.com also offer coupon codes and promotions for cannabis seeds and related products.

CannabisOwl.com have also dedicated a whole section of their website to information regarding growing marijuana. The Grow Marijuana Guide has information regarding strain selection, growing indoors in pots, cloning, lighting, where to grow and even harvesting your plant.

CannabisOwl.com really does make the life of a cannabis enthusiast life easier. They’ve got all the information you need about every phase of your experience with cannabis, from seed to weed. The hardest part of growing cannabis is the research and CannabisOwl.com have already done that for you. All you have to do is type your strain into their search box, and you’ll have your cannabis seeds in no time.


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