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Fast Buds 5 + 5 Promo for free seeds!

Fast Buds is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a great new promotion that will literally double the size of your garden. That’s because as part of the anniversary celebrations is the 5 + 5 promo. Meaning for every 5 cannabis seeds you buy, you get 5 for free.

Making quality autoflower cannabis strains affordable

Quality cannabis seeds from quality cannabis strain genetics is becoming harder and harder to find in a world filled with rogue breeders. Quality genetics take time to develop and as a result they often aren’t cheap to buy. But if you have been growing for a while and you are confident in your skills as a grower, it’s totally worth investing in genetics like those from Fast Buds.

Especially when it comes to growing autoflowers, stable genetics is essential. Fast Buds are well known for their autoflower cannabis genetics. Fast Buds have taken some of the most popular American genetics and developed them into autoflower strains that can get you up to four harvests in one year.

Winter growers often opt for Fast Buds autoflower genetics

In South Africa many that grow through the winter prefer using autoflowers, because autoflowers are not sensitive to the longer night time cycle. With winter on our doorstep and the Fast Buds 5 + 5 promo now is the perfect opportunity to get yourself into the elite autoflower game. Hell, split the price between you and a friend and you will still get 5 seeds each.

Discreet cannabis seed packaging

Packaging is discreet and thus you can have your Fast Buds cannabis seeds delivered right to your door, without worrying who might see your package. Pun intended. If you prefer to order your cannabis seeds locally you can get Fast Buds genetics and the 5 + 5 promo offer from a local distributor.

Seeds is also offering the 5 + 5 promo, so that means for every 5 Fast Buds seeds you buy, you get 5 seeds free. A great offer to grow now or stockpile for next season.

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