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Dagga seeds in South Africa – what to know before you grow

Since the private use of dagga has been decriminalized, there are many people looking to buy dagga seeds in South Africa. Some people are even shocked when they hear that if you want to buy dagga seeds in South Africa, you are going to have to pay for them. Yes, prohibition certainly did its damage but luckily for you, the internet has all the answers, somewhere.

dagga seeds

Can I buy dagga seeds in South Africa?

Yes. There are ways to get dagga seeds in South Africa. Did you honestly think that with all the dagga being shared by South Africans, there weren’t any dagga seeds in South Africa?

Buy dagga seeds South Africa

South Africa has a long history of dagga seed trade, and for years now you have even been able to buy dagga seeds online. Yes, you can get some seeds from a friend, or a bag of weed. But if you really want the best genetics to produce high-quality dagga that can be used for medical or recreational purposes like dagga oil, you will have to buy high-quality seeds.

The importance of dagga seeds and their genetics

Genetics of dagga seeds are not only important for how much THC a plant can produce but also for pretty much any other characteristics and traits that the plant might have. If you want to make sure that you get exactly what you pay for, then dagga seed genetics is of the utmost importance.

Let’s say for instance you are looking for a high CBD strain of cannabis, because you want to make cannabis oil that contains a high concentration of CBD. Reputable breeders have spent years to develop the genetics of a high CBD strain, that will produce the high levels of CBD as advertised on the website under the right conditions. Genetics produced by experienced breeders take a lot of time, research and investment that most of us can’t offer. That is why we pay for plants that have the genetics that we are looking for in our cannabis plant.

Dutch Passion Dagga Seeds

It doesn’t happy very often that you are going to get stable genetics from a friend, hobby grower or a bag seed. If you want stable genetics you have to buy from reputable breeders like Dutch Passion, for example.

Should I buy locally or internationally

Although South Africa does have some breeders doing great work, many of them still operate low key, because of the current legal grey area the cannabis industry finds itself in. Internationally there are many great breeders and seed banks to choose from, but customs and the South African Postal Service can make it really hard, if not even unlikely that you will ever get your order.

Another solution is to buy your international breeder dagga seeds from a local seller. This means you can get high-quality international genetics, but without having to worry about never receiving your order because of SAPO or customs. Also, when you buy dagga seeds from Trophy Seeds you will get your order in a day or two, instead of having to wait for weeks or even moths when ordering seeds yourself from an international seed bank.

Should I buy feminized or regular seeds?

What are feminized cannabis seeds I hear you ask?

Feminized dagga seeds are seeds that only produce the female plant of cannabis sativa. This is really important if you plan on using what you grow to smoke, make oil, produce edibles etc. That is because the female plant is the plant that produces the highly sought after flowers that contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids.

Male plants are pretty useless to the average grwer. Thus feminized dagga seeds that only carry female genetics will produce only female plants. When you buy regular seeds you always run the risk of sprouting a few male plants, that will have to be discarded. Even worse, if the male plants pollinate the female plants the flowers on the female dagga plant will stop producing cannabinoids.

Using feminized dagga seeds instead of regular dagga seeds can streamline the process of growing your own dagga.

Special import orders

Looking for a specific strain of dagga seeds from an international breeder? Don’t want to bother with the risks involved with importing cannabis seeds yourself? There are local cannabis seed sellers that will do special import orders to help you get the exact strain of cannabis seeds that you have considered importing yourself.

Special Import Orders are a great service that gives any South African the ability to obtain any cannabis seeds they might be looking for, no matter where in the world those seeds are bred.

Start growing dagga in your garden today

We all know that vegetable patch is just standing there, bare. Why not get yourself a couple of high-quality dagga seeds and start growing your own dagga today?

If you have any questions or opinions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

All the information found in this article is for informational purposes only. gevaaalik.com does not encourage the use, sale, purchase or distribution of any illegal substances. Every adult possesses the skill and ability to make their own choices, and gevaaalik.com is a huge supporter of that right. Thus we can take no responsibility for any choice any person makes out of their own free will.

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4 Responses

  1. Stanley says:

    I need seed,how can i get some for myself to grow

  2. Amanda Lombaard says:

    Good day.I want to grow so dagga plant but want it for caner treatment.
    Need carbonate seeds, white widow, Hindo Kush and skunk. Let me know where to find the seeds and no male just female.

  3. Stix Gevaaalik says:

    @Amanda: I have never heard of carbonate seeds [sic]. You can buy some White Widow seeds here. Hindu Kush feminized seeds you can buy here. As far as I know there is no “Skunk” strain, but Skunk is used as a cross for many strains. Skunk #1 is probably the closest you are going to get and you can buy the seeds here.

  4. Sipho says:

    How can I buy seeds here and how much does a box if matches cost

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