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Should you have an indoor grow?

There are many reasons to decide that you should grow indoors. Especially now that cannabis is being legalized around the world and if you are lucky enough to be living in one of those states or countries you can grow your own cannabis. But why should you grow indoors? When you start thinking about growing cannabis you are going to need to do some research. Where you are going to grow is an important part of a successful cannabis grow. Maybe start with a ‘pros and cons’ list on different aspects of your grow. Below are some reasons why an indoor grow is a good idea.

LED lighting has made indoor grows affordable

Growing indoors used to be an extremely costly matter. Besides the cost of the initial setup, there was also the monthly electricity bill to be worried about. HID lighting uses a lot of electricity to give your plant the light that they need to give the best yield. Now LED lighting has changed the indoor grow game completely and you can run your lights 24 hours a day at a fraction of the cost of what it used to cost when using HID lighting. Not only does that mean that you will save each month, it also means that you will see a return on your investment for your grow setup earlier.

An indoor cannabis grow using LED lighting

LED lighting can give you just as good a grow as HID grow lighting can. But with LED lighting you don’t have to worry about overheating or burning your plants. The heat produced by HID lighting can be a real pain to manage, adding costs to your overall grow setup that you have in your home. Extra fans and cooling equipment can quickly add up. LED lights emit very little heat. In fact, LED lights emit very small amounts of heat. LED lights also don’t need to be replaced as often as HID lights. LED lights can have a lifespan of between 25 000 hours and 200 000 hours before a lamp or fixture requires replacement. HID, on the other hand, don’t commonly last past 24 000 hours of use.

There is a wide range of LED lighting options for an indoor grower. Luckily the internet is packed with all the information you need to find the right LED cannabis grown lighting to suit your needs. How much LED lights you will need will depend on what you choose to buy. I suggest reading some of the best LED grow light reviews. If your indoor grow is going to be in a tight/small space, LED lighting will definitely give you a greater chance at success compared to HID lighting. HID lighting equipment is just bulkier and more difficult to manage than LED lighting.

An indoor grow offers privacy

Even though it is legal to grow your own cannabis where you live, you might have nosy neighbors that still attach a stigma to cannabis and everything cannabis related. No matter how big your indoor grow is, whether it’s a space bucket or you have dedicated a full room to your grow, an indoor grow will just always offer more privacy than an outdoor grow. Most of us don’t live in secluded locations miles away from the closest person. Having your grow indoors will keep it safe from prying eyes. Also, you won’t have to sneak around like a weirdo to tend to your plants when you grow indoors. You could literally give the plants their daily care in your underwear if you wanted to.

indoor grow in a space bucket with LED lights

An Indoor grow offers added security

If you live in the quiet suburbs you would be surprised to know that your outdoor grow is always in some type of danger. Those college kids at the bottom of the street won’t think twice about jumping a fence to steal some dank weed. If you have a pet dog or cat you should know by now that they just love to eat the leaves of cannabis plants. If you are lucky enough to live in a secluded spot you might have other wildlife like deer or coyotes in the area that would happily take a bite out of your cannabis plants and destroy the plant in the process. Especially if you have spent a substantial amount buying high-quality cannabis seeds it just makes more sense to keep your babies inside, safely tucked away behind a door, four walls and maybe a security gate.

As your plants grow and start approaching harvest they will become extremely valuable. Is that really the type of money you want to just leave standing around outdoors? I don’t think so.

An indoor grow is protected from the weather

Even though the cannabis plant is quite hardy, it produces best when it’s environment is constant. Yes, every indoor grow should have some fans circulating air around the plants, but strong winds won’t be great for your buds. Water is a necessity for any plant to grow but cannabis plants don’t like being stuck outdoors in the pouring rain. Cold weather or extremely hot weather is also not going to help your cannabis plant yield the biggest buds when the time for harvesting comes around. With an indoor grow you can control the whole grow environment. You control the air movement around the plants. You control the temperature in the room or grow tent/cabinet. You control how much water your plants get. You even control exactly what goes into the soil your plants grow in.

Even if you are using a hydroponic system for your indoor grow, you still control exactly what your plants will be absorbed by their roots and their leaves. You will also be controlling the humidity, and that is impossible to do outdoors. This all decreases the chances of your plant being struck by mold, pests, disease and any of the other factors that can come along with changes in weather that are beyond your control.

Why do you prefer an indoor cannabis grow? Let me know in the comments what was your motivation when you decided to grow your cannabis indoors.


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