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How to grow weed in South Africa

Now that the ConCourt has decriminalized personal use of dagga and personal cultivation of dagga, everyone is asking how to grow weed in South Africa? Luckily South Africa’s climate is perfect for growing weed and the ConCourt judgment came at just the right time of year so that anyone can now start an outdoor grow. Brace yourself, because we are going to see many weed plants sprout out of the ground in the next couple of weeks.

You need seeds to grow weed in South Africa

First, you are going to have to get yourself some weed seeds. This can be a simple enough process if you know people that have seeds. Another option for obtaining weed seeds are using bag seeds. Bag seeds are the seeds you might find in a bag of weed you bought. Bag seeds are not the best seeds, but they are perfect if it is your first time growing cannabis in South Africa. If you are a more experienced grower or if you have the money to spend, buy yourself some high-quality seeds from any of the online seed banks. You can expect to pay anything from R200 – R1000 per seed. For here, you will quickly learn how to grow weed.


How to sprout weed seeds in South Africa

The little pot and substrate pellet is perfect for learning how to grow weed in South Africa

One of the most difficult parts of learning how to grow weed at home is sprouting the seeds. Seedlings are fragile and taking care to sprout your seeds in the best way will ensure that you have a healthy plant to nurture to maturity. Luckily for us, one of our local supermarkets was kind enough to supply many South Africans with perfect little weed sprouting kits, that makes it easier than ever before for anyone to grow cannabis at home.

The substrate pellet after watering. Perfect for growing cannabis seeds in South Africa

Of course, I’m talking about the Little Garden kits. These little pots, with the sprouting medium in the pot is perfect for sprouting your cannabis seeds. Simply take the substrate pellet and place it in the Little Garden pot and start pouring roughly 50ml of water on it. As the substrate pellet starts absorbing the water you will be able to start breaking it up with your fingers and soon the substrate will fill the pot.

Planting your weed seeds

A toothpick with a mark made on the 1.5cm point will help you make a deep enough hole in the substrate for your cannabis seed

Now that the substrate has filled the little pot, you can simply take a toothpick and mark about a 1.5cm – 2cm length from one of the toothpick’s ends. Now use the toothpick to make a small hole about 1.5cm – 2cm deep in the substrate. Place your weed seed in the substrate and carefully cover it up with some of the substrates. Your substrate should already be wet, but make sure you give the seed in the ground another couple of milliliters of water.

A cannabis seed for growing weed in South Africa, placed in the substrate with the pointy end of the seed facing downwards

How to grow weed in South Africa

Make sure that you keep the growth substrate in the little pot damp. If the sides of the pot feel dry, it’s time to give a little bit of water. Within 3 – 5 days your seedling should sprout and start breaking the surface of the substrate. Within 2 – 3 weeks your seedling should be big enough with a strong enough root system to replant into a larger pot.

how to grow weed in South Africa

A seeding only a week after the weed seed was planted in South Africa

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  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks for this article my dudes. However, these Shoprite things aren’t available anymore. What’s the next best thing?

  2. Ruan Stix Fourie says:

    @Kyle: I’ve heard good things about Freedom Farms Seedstarter/Seedling mix. You can put it in any small pot and then simply replant to a bigger pot when needed.

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