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Ethos Genetics now availible in South Africa

Chances are that you might have heard of Mandarin Cookies. Over the last two years, it’s a cannabis strain that has taken over not only it’s home of Colorado, it’s also been spreading internationally. Now, thanks to many seed banks, Mandarin Cookies as well as other Ethos Genetics strains are going to be available in South Africa.

Ethos genetics now available in South Africa

Why Ethos Genetics for your cannabis grow

Ethos Genetics have taken it upon themselves to use science and data to help them produce the best cannabis genetics. In 2018 High Times named Mandarin Cookies one of the best strains of the year, and multiple other Ethos strains have won competitions over the last couple of years. Mandarin Cookies is just one example of how Ethos Genetics can produce an exceptional strain that shows the exact genetics that they want.

Simply put, Ethos Genetics grow, yield, taste, and smoke exactly like it says it will on the cannabis seed pack. This is extremely valuable to anyone that wants to grow cannabis for a specific medical reason, or because they have particular tastes to satisfy with their smoke.

Colin Gordon the cannabis genetics wizard

Colin Gordon has been breeding cannabis since 1993 and his genetics has won over 30 cups. He also started Ethos Genetics and this breeder has become the fastest growing cannabis genetics and seed company in the world. Colin opened his first dispensary in Colorado in 2008 and then started Ethos Genetics in 2015.

Colin and his team now operate commercial growing facilities that have a combined size of over 120 000 sq meters. From these facilities, they produce not only high-grade top-shelf cannabis for dispensaries in Colorado, but they also continue to push the boundaries of cannabis genetics. They have created some of the most potent cannabis strains known to man, with Mandarin Cookies being the current leader of the pack.

The best of Ethos Genetics

All the strains sold by Ethos Genetics are of the highest standard, but here is a closer look at some of my personal favorites that I have had the privilege of trying.

Mandarin Cookies R2

I’d read and heard about Mandarin Cookies more than a year before a couple of nugs of the strain ended up in my pipe. It’s a killer strain that will knock even the most experienced smokers on their ass, with THC levels often measuring over 30%. It’s a hybrid strain, a cross between the indica heavy Girl Scout Cookies, Forum Cut Cookies and the sativa dominant Mandarin Sunset.

What might seem like a strange combination of some, turns out to be a terpene match made in heaven. The Mandarin sunset can be thanked for the citrus dominant smells and flavors that sativas are known for, while there are certainly grape and earthy tones. It’s a great strain for helping with appetite, stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety. It’s a high yielding strain that can offer 80g – 100g per square foot.

Ethos Glue RBx3

When Ethos Kush IBL and Gorilla Glue 44 is combined you are left with Ethos Glue RBx3. The plants grow like crazy and can become very tall if not trained or topped. The intense hybrid effect hit you fast and lasts a long time. Ethos Glue RBx3 brings the funk. She has a sour cheese smell that will surely be familiar to anyone who is familiar with Cape Town cheese.

Ethos Glue RBx3 has tested THC levels of over 30% and it’s rated as a high yield plant. If grown under the right conditions, you can yield between 60g – 80g per square foot.

Mandarin Sunset

Yes, I’m a sucker for the citrus flavors that come with sativas, and that would explain why I like Mandarin Sunset too. This insane grower is a cross between Mandarin Sunset and Storm Trooper OG. The end result is a Diesel-esque sweet citrus plant that yields the same flavors in the smoke and taste.

Used by many as a nighttime toke to help with sleep, I found it a great companion for a hike in the African bush. Mandarin Sunset has been tested to show THC levels of 25% and even CBD of 0.5%. A well-rounded strain that is of medium difficulty to grow. Perfect for South African growers.

Many seed banks now stocks Ethos Genetics

South African Seed Banks now carries Ethos Genetics in South Africa. Ethos Genetics are not cheap, but it’s justified by the high yield and top-shelf nature of its harvests. A pack of 6 seeds will give you more weed than any one person can actually use on their own. Great for the grower that likes giving gifts to friends.

ETHOS Genetics South Africa

Also, Ethos has its Alphaphem technique (patent pending) produces female seeds without stressing plants. This means that you always get female plants from Ethos Genetics seeds, without the negative side effects that are often associated with feminized cannabis seeds.

If you want to grow some of the dankest genetics, producing some of the best buds currently know to man, Ethos Genetics is the way to go.

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