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CloudV Slim Vaporizer – A truly discreet vaporizer

Ask many average vape pen users these days and most will agree that having a vaporizer that is discreet is one of the biggest factors when choosing an oil vape pen. The CloudV Slim Vaporizer aims to not only be discreet but also consistent in performance. Did, I mention that it the CloudV Slim Vape pen has a ceramic element instead of those tedious and clunky fiber or cotton wicks? An inovative new product from CloudV.

CloudV Slim vaporizer oil pen

CloudV Slim Vaporizer has slim in the name for a reason

The CloudV Slim Vape is best described as a compact vaporizer pen. The design of the pen is sleek and it’s smaller than most vape pens that you expect high performance from. It is available in two colours: black and chrome. Personally, I prefer the black, because it just looks sleeker. It peaks just past 12cm in length and the diameter is only a few millimeters past 1cm.

The size of the CloudV Slim makes it portable and the fact that it charges via USB pretty much guarantees that you can take it with you wherever you go.

5 Voltage settings on the CloudV Slim Vaporizer

The main concerns for compact vape pen users are the performance of their vape. The CloudV Slim has 5 different voltage settings and a pre-heat function, ensuring that you get the best vape every time. The voltage is indicated by the color of the control button on the vape, making sure everyone can find the voltage that best suits them.

The voltage output is easily handled by the 1320mAh battery that comes with the CloudV Slim. The battery is 510 threaded so it works perfectly with 510 threaded bubblers, making the CloudV Slim even more versatile.

What’s in the CloudV Slim Vaporizer box?

The CloudV Slim Vaporizer comes with everything you need to start vaping with your new pen immediately. Right in the box, you will find the 1320 mAh battery, a slim tank, and USB charger. But if you want to customize your CloudV Slim a bit you can also get the following accessories: Extra Liquid Atomizer, Aqua Bubbler, Wax Cartridge, 510 Threaded Vape Globe.

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Bang for your buck

It’s not often that a high performance and durable compact vaporizer pen comes around at a cost of under $40. The CloudV Slim Vape pen can be bought for $35. This puts the CloudV Slim in the market as one of the most affordable vape pens that are also customizable to suit your vaping needs. Not only is the price small, but the pen itself has a discreet and comfortable size, perfect for someone that uses a vape while traveling or during lunch breaks at work.

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The ceramic element makes it flexible in terms of what you want to vape, giving you the ability to choose between using it as a oil vaporizer or oil pen or even waxes if that’s your style. If you are working on a budget by you want a vape pen to travel with, or just an everyday use pen that is great looking and discreet, the CloudV Slim is the vaporizer pen for you.

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