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What are cannabis tours?

Anyone that has been in the Western Cape or the Stellenbosch area has been on a wine tour. But have you ever heard of cannabis tours? Do you even know what a cannabis tour is? If you are a fan of cannabis, I suggest you pull up a chair because you are going to want to hear this and you might just want to book your next holiday in Colorado so that you can also go on cannabis tours while you are on holiday.

Not just in Colorado

In Canada, you can buy cannabis online. When in Canada can go to a site like Shiva Buzz Online to buy your marijuana. When you go to Canada you might want to experience the weed culture a bit more. It’s not a bad idea to keep an eye out for a cannabis tour when you are visiting Canada. Especially when you are in British Columbia. Now that cannabis has been legalized in Canada, it’s never been easier to buy cannabis from the comfort of your home, or go out and experience the local cannabis culture with a cannabis tour.

What is a cannabis tour?

Cannabis tours are like a behind the scene of a cannabis grow, production and eventually the sale of cannabis. As part of the tour, you will be taken to see the same route that cannabis seeds follow to go from seed to weed and then get sold to a cannabis enthusiast like yourself. During the tour, you will have an experienced tour guide that explains everything as the tour goes. The tour guide will also be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. You will go to a grow facility to see the whole lifecycle of the plant. You will see an extraction lab and a trim room where buds are trimmed before they are dried and cured for sale.

Colorado cannabis tours

A Marijuana grow facility similar to what you will see during Colorado cannabis tours

Basically, you will have the ultimate cannabis vacation and personal guided Colorado marijuana tour.

How do you get from one point to another during cannabis tours?

You should not be driving under the influence and that is why there is 420 friendly transportation. This 420 friendly transportation will drive you around while you and other marijuana tourists hotbox the tour bus. Your transport will also have refreshments like water, smoking accessories that you can use and a friendly and experienced guide to take you to all the best buy places to buy your cannabis, edibles, concentrates like cannabis oil. Best of all, clients will get a 10% discount at the various recreational cannabis shops on all products that they buy. A good time to stock up on all the bud, concentrates and edibles you will be able to handle during your marijuana holiday.

420 friendly hotels for your stay in Colorado

Even though cannabis is legal for recreational use in Colorado, not all hotels allow patrons to use cannabis in their facilities. Luckily 420 friendly hotels is a real thing and you can book your stay there to make sure you get the most out of your cannabis holiday in Colorado. You can easily book luxury hotels or economy lodging. Take your pick of multiple hotels or B&Bs. Get yourself a suite, a smoking room or even a cabin to call home while on your cannabis holiday. There are 420 friendly hotels and lodging all over Colorado: Aspen, Colorado Springs, Denver, and Breckenridge. There are smoking and non-smoking rooms available so even non-smoking tourists can join in on the fun.

Would you want to go on a Cannabis tour? I certainly would. I think I’m booking my next holiday in Colorado, and I’ll definitely be booking a cannabis tour.

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