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How to find the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Finding the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam is easy

A couple of years ago I went to visit my brother in Belgium. Right from the get-go a day trip to Amsterdam was part of the plan. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but there are plenty of reasons to go. The main reason for my visit was that I always wanted to experience the famous Netherlands coffeeshops where you can legally puff a joint. I mean, when in Rome… Before I even left South Africa I was already Googling “coffeeshops Amsterdam” to try and find the right place for me to experience the Netherlands coffeeshop experience. This is when I realized that finding the best coffeeshops in the Netherlands was no easy task. Just how do you find the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam?

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

In the end, I asked a local Amsterdam resident working in a mushroom shop to tell me where he goes to smoke a joint. These days you don’t have to go through so much trouble because you can simply use GetSmokin’. GetSmoking is a new platform that helps tourists find coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

What is GetSmokin’?

GetSmokin’ is the platform to use when you are going to the Netherlands and you want to find the best coffeeshop to enjoy some cannabis. Let’s say you are in Amsterdam, then you can simply go to the GetSmokin’ website to find the best Amsterdam coffeeshops. No need to Google “coffeeshops Amsterdam” like I did all those years ago. GetSmoking gives you reviews and ratings by actual users. All of this, while they also try and map every coffeeshop in the Netherlands helping you literally find the coffeeshop you are looking for.

Strain ratings for coffeeshops

GetSmokin’ gives users the ability to rate the strains of buds being sold at each individual coffeeshop. Not only that, but each listed coffeshop’s menu can also be seen on the GetSmoking website. When I finally made it to the best Amsterdam coffeeshop according to the advice of the local, I still had no idea what to expect in terms of pricing for cannabis or which strains to buy. I did the only logical thing there was to do and I bought a gram of the most expensive Sativa and Indica strains on the menu. I was lucky and it worked out that the strains I got were fantastic, but the last thing you want is to pay for something that isn’t so good.

Top rated coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Each listed coffeeshop on GetSmokin’ has the strains menu and user ratings for each strain. That way you will know what to expect to pay, and also what strains other smokers have enjoyed the most.

Take the guesswork out of visiting the best Netherlands coffeeshops

Google is a powerful tool, but word of mouth is still the best way to find out about the best coffeeshops and strains in the Netherlands. Google leaves you with a lot of legwork to do, as it’s not as simple as simply Googling your question and immediately getting an answer. If you are planning a trip to the Netherlands and you want to visit a coffeeshop, make sure you make use of GetSmokin’. That way you can pick the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam before you even set foot in Amsterdam. Currently, there are 43 coffeeshops listed just for Amsterdam and with every single one reviewed you can make the educated choice, ensuring you get the best out of your Netherlands coffeeshop visit.

Suddenly I want to go back to the Netherlands and enjoy some joints, cannabis oil and edibles like the good old days. GetSmokin’ makes it so easy.

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