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Gevaaalik Gaming DOTA 2 team roster changes

Gevaaalik Gaming’s DOTA 2 team has undergone a few changes going into the the new DGL leg as well as the ORENA ladder league.
We see the exit of one of our recent recruits, Fonix, who has decided to part ways with us in pursuit of regular playing time and has joined NTD in the DGL Second Division.
In a bit of a heartbreaking event, we see the departure of Harton (our offlaner) to Bzk.Reborn as he pursues competing in Premier Division DOTA.
I would like to wish both of them the best in their new endeavors and would like to say a special thank you to Harton, who has grown as a player (and on us) exponentially during his time with the team. We expect to see him crushing it in Masters League in no time at all.
With all this movement comes some pretty exciting news though! We would like to formally welcome Johnny “Boneless” Moeller and Marius “dropdead” de Kock to this team of baddies. I think I speak for the team in saying we are really excited to have them both on board!!! Boneless has recently and will continue to sub for us in the mid and carry roles, and dropdead will be coming in as our dedicated offlaner with those mad Phoenix skills.
I don’t think anyone could introduce these guys better than themselves, and on that note, I give you Boneless and dropdead:
Marius “Dropdead” de Kock
I’ve been involved in Dota since Dota 1 days. I eventually moved over to HON (Heroes of Newearth) and was probably one of the last ZA players to completely leave the HON scene for Dota 2 (after my friends nagged me to death). I’ve joined various Dota 2 teams over the years (From BUD -Blow up Dolls to KAI to Suicide Squad) to try and make a mark for myself and my team. As offlaner my resume would say, “I know how to play under pressure” & I continue to embrace the challenges that an offlaner faces on a daily basis. Dota has played a big part in my life & I take the game seriously but at the same time I also continuously try to capture the joy that it brings (that feeling when you land the ultimate wombo-combo, where you say “this is why I still play dota”) I also enjoy following the Dota 2 pro scene and try to learn as much from professional players as I can. I’m constantly open to learn more things from great players which is a big reason why I think my skill has improved & continues to improve. I look forward to future ventures & adventures with Gevaaaalik gaming. Brutal.Savage.Rekt
Johnny “Boneless” Moeller
I’ve been playing league of le.. DOTA​2 since I can remember, stretching way back to warcraft 3. Dabbled in some other mobas, then took a shower and ended up with DOTA2 since 2012. Been playing with Gevaaalik Gaming for a few months now and it’s been great. Great okes all working towards that goal of climbing to the top spot. I currently play core sub for the team, mainly Position 1, and analyze games I don’t play.. I am also the dedicated ENYA channeler who instills the serenity and calmness into the starting 5 each game. Other than that life is just a mode and I’ve got it set to easy.
To catch Gevaaalik Gaming playing, simply head over to Gee Gee Gaming on Twitch and keep an eye on our Twitter for broadcasting times.

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  1. Johnny says:

    Mah!! Bring the camera

  2. @SargonDota2 says:

    Cool article. 🙂 GL with your future games. 😉

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