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Best CBD Gummies – Your Sweet Relief

CBD is gaining popularity in the United States and worldwide due to its immense health benefits and versatility. Experts have been looking at ways to incorporate CBDs into different foods and drinks to make it more accessible and consumable amongst the masses. One of those ways is CBD gummies.

Be aware, these are not regular gummies for children to munch on and enjoy. They are infused with particular doses of CBD for medical benefits. We shall explore the best CBD gummies available in the market. The 3 best CBD gummies brands are:

  • Try the CBD
  • HealthworxCBD
  • Vapenterps

Try the CBD Gummies

This is one of the most famous CBD oil products and CBD edibles companies. They make a plethora of products infused with CBD, one of which is the CBD gummies.

Features of Try the CBD

 Some of the features of their CBD Gummies are:

THC Free

Lab tests are made to ensure that this product is entirely THC-free. In the manufacturing process, THC is significant and is removed from the extract to attain pure cannabidiol.


No animal is harmed in the production of Try the CBD gummies, nor do they have any compound that contains animal fat or any extract from any animal.


Gluten is effectively removed in the making of these CBD gummies. There may be commercial or medical reasons behind this.

Versatile Natural Flavors

The flavors used in this are completely natural and are quite a bit in the number. Some of the flavors include:

  • Black Carrot Juice
  • Grape Juice
  • Turmeric

Benefits of Try the CBD

The benefits of Try the CBD gummies include:

No psychoactive effects

Since there is no THC contained in these gummies, you will not be addicted to them, nor will you have any sort of drug-induced psychoactive effects. It is best for people that want to avoid drug addiction.

People with medical conditions can consume it

People who have celiac disease or other medical conditions (related to gluten) can consume it safely. This ensures that consumers are versatile, and there is maximum customer satisfaction.

These gummies are nutritious

They are a good source of Vitamin C and other important nutrients. Along with healing effects and fantastic taste, they shall also contribute to your good health, especially by boosting your immunity.

You shall never get bored of them

They come in particular flavors that are not available for CBD gummies by other brands. It makes them unique and special. You may get bored of the traditional flavors, but you can never get bored of these. And even if you do so, Try the CBD will come up with newer flavors to keep you entertained. 

Healthworx CBD Gummies

Other than Try the CBD, HealthworxCBD is another Colorado-based company that makes CBD edibles and CBD oils. You may find their CBD products as best in the market.

Features of HealthworxCBD gummies

Some features of HealthworxCBD gummies include:

Made of pesticide-free hemp

Most CBD brands use pesticides when farming cannabis. However, it is a policy of Healthworx not to use pesticides when growing organic weed.


The gummies made by HealthworxCBD contain no sugar, which includes no glucose, fructose, sucrose, lactose. However, they contain Lactic acid as an ingredient.

THC free, or may contains THC in trace

Their gummies are either entirely THC free or may contain THC in levels just below 0.3%. However, gummies are more likely to be THC free. Even if they are in a trace, it will be enough to give you a psychoactive effect.

30 gummies per bottle

The standard size of their bottle is one, and it contains 30 gummies. You can get another bottle delivered to you weekly.

30 mg of CBD per gummy

Each gummy contains 30mg of CBD, which, according to standards, is a perfect dosage. It neither comes in the domain of overdose, nor is it too less.

Benefits of Healthworx CBD gummies

The benefits of HealthworxCBD gummies are as such:

Can be consumed by various people

As we know that these CBD gummies are both sugar and THC free, which means a wide variety of people with different medical conditions can consume these CBD edibles without any worries. This includes diabetic patients, who may not have access to a lot of CBD options in the market.

Does not get you high

You will not get addicted to these gummies since they contain no THC, and if taken in the right amount, you will not be dependent upon them either. This makes these gummies a safe domain to be in.

Has a very effective healing effect

We know the health and healing benefits of cannabidiol, aka CBD. These CBD gummies are tested, which proves that they have many health benefits for people suffering from anxiety, depression, or other problems related to psychology or the physical body.

Is free of potentially dangerous chemicals

During the farming or manufacturing process, various chemicals may be used to attain productivity. However, HealthworxCBD, as the name suggests, reaches that productivity by healthy means. Pesticides could be dangerous if they get into the product after production, and so can other chemicals.

Moreover, Carbon dioxide extraction is used to extract the cannabis by HealthworxCBD, making their product entirely chemical-free and safe to consume even in the long run.

This product will not cause gluten-related problems

Consuming products with Gluten often leads to problems in the intestine or stomach and people suffering from certain health conditions. Since this product is gluten-free, even those people can consume these CBD gummies. This even further increases the list of people or the types of people that can consume these CBD edibles.

Try vaping 

You can also include vaping in your routine for extra benefits. VapeNTterps has special CBD infused vaping products that will make it more fun. It comes with some amazing flavors with CBD that will allow you to even consume it when others are around. It is easy to use and you can take it with you anywhere you like. 

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of companies that make CBD edibles like CBD gummies, but no other company may come on par with Try the CBD or HealthworxCBD in many domains. You should look into your circumstances, needs, and wants to determine which of these both you want to consume. You can even get both to ensure versatility. 

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