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Arizer ArGo Review: The portable vaporizer you have been waiting for

The biggest issue with dry herb vaporizers is that they are either really big and bulky, or they simply don’t do the vape-job. The new ArGo Vaporizer by Arizer is their latest dry herb vape and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Seriously, it’s most likely smaller than your smart phone but still manages to give you the great flavour you can only get from a dry herb vaporizer like the Arizer ArGo.

The Arizer ArGo package

When you buy the Arizer ArGo you get everything that you need for hours of enjoyment. It’s a complete package and it comes with everything you need to start vaporizing your favourite herb:

  • Arizer ArGo dry herb vaporizer
  • One 18650 Li-ion battery
  • Two glass mouthpieces + one packing tool
  • Two silicone stem caps + four stainless steel filter screens
  • One USB charger/power adapter
  • One carrying case


The massive 18650 Li-On battery is a nice touch that means you will get more than just a couple of tokes from your vape. That being said, even though it has a nice battery life it still amazes me how small the ArGo actually is. The extendable glass mouthpiece keeps vapor flavourful but cool. It’s got a wide temperature range from 45°C – 220°C. This is a nice touch as all herb doesn’t always vaporize at the same temperature. The temperature controls mean that you will always find the perfect temperature no matter what your favourite herb strain is.

Arizer ArGo is portable friendly

Everything about the Arizer ArGo says portability. It’s really small enough to fit into your pocket with ease. The battery can easily be interchanged with another so that you can keep toking on the go. It’s also a very low maintenance dry herb vape as you barely have to clean it. Once you’ve ground your herb up you simply load the mouthpiece by dipping it into the ground up herb.

Simply put the end with the dry herb into the ArGo and press down the top of the device so that the mouthpiece sticks out a bit. Power up the vape set the desired temperature and wait for it to beep twice to indicate that they desired temperature has been reached. Now simply inhale through the mouthpiece and you are vaping.

The Arizer Argo conclusion

The Arizer ArGo might be the smallest of the Arizer vapes, but big things come in small packages. The other Arizer vapes, namely the Air 2 and the Solo 2, are well known for the quality of their vape as well as their performance. The Argo gives the same performance and vape quality as its two big brothers, but in a much smaller package. It’s a dry herb vape only, so no cannabis oil in here. But if a dry herb vape is what you are looking for, the ArGo is a great little portable beast.

I don’t like cleaning vapes, and with the Arizer ArGo cleaning is as simple as soaking the mouthpiece in some isopropyl alcohol from time to time.

If you are looking for a portable dry herb vape, the Arizer ArGo is the best value for money that any vaper can buy.

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