Gevaaalike Dame Janine Campbell

Draai toe uit dat Janine Campbell ‘n fake persoon was wat net foto’s van iemand anders gevat het. Sy het selfs so ver gegaan om ‘n gang rape te fake omdat sy aandag soek. Ek wens haar sterkte toe met haar super-AIDS wat die slegte karma nou vir haar gaan bring. Hier is ‘n sexy video in die plek van wat die sogenaamde Jin Campbell was, of loer na ons gevaaalike dames section hier.

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3 Responses

  1. Matty says:

    The hottest girl in the world! wow!!!

  2. Meg Shout says:

    Hi guys, I featured Janine on my blog “She Built This City” only to be notified that the images she submitted to me were in fact stolen! I blew it off as a spam until the REAL model’s agent contacted me to insist I remove the pictures! Janine now seems to have disappeared without a trace. I was wondering if you had any contact details for her or any proof that your pictures are, in fact, of her? Nothing else comes up on Google if I search “Jin Campbell”. If you could mail me back privately, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

  3. Alex says:

    Janine campbell …. the deaf surfer girl from Cape Town .. are you guys saying she didn’t exist ? I had several conversations with her and never had reason to believe she was fake … twin sister that died of cancer … surely it’s all verifiable …

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