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Tagged: Dagga-olie


Cannabis oil: Everything you need to know

These days everyone and their sister know someone that uses cannabis oil or at least knows someone that preaches about the natural medical wonder that can help for various ailments. Yes, cannabis oil is...


4 of the most common CBD myths

Whether you are thinking about using CBD or you know someone who is thinking about trying CBD, it’s currently a conversation starter second only to the weather. When the topic of CBD pops up...


Dagga-olie: Alles wat jy moet weet

Almal en hul sussie ken deesdae iemand wat dagga-olie gebruik, of preek oor hoe dit die nuwe natuurlike wonder is wat elke kwaal ooit gaan uitsort. Ja, dagga-olie is elke ou-vrou-boereraat se grootste nagmerrie...