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Rugby World Cup Betting – The best bets to play in 2019

It’s that time! Rugby world cup time! Every four years it rolls around like clockwork and then a lot of people, including myself, have a serious question to ask: “What are the best best for Rugby World Cup betting?”


If you are anything like me you are not much of a rugby fan. The fact of the matter is that the Rugby World Cup will be unavoidable in South Africa. Many South Africans love rugby and supporting the Springboks, almost as much as we love hating Springbok coaches when there is a bad loss. Our rugby fanaticisms is the whole reason why the GVLK Rugby Wrldbeker Superbru pool (pool code is ponyrely) exists. I know I’m going to be watching rugby over the coming 8-10 weeks, I might as well make it interesting. Superbru is one way, and placing a few Rugby World Cup bets is another way to keep myself interested and vested in the games I do end up watching.

Betting odds for the Rugby World Cup 2019

If you know anything about rugby, then you are probably smart enough to guess the top two favorites to win the Rugby World Cup is New Zealand and South Africa. As fate would have it these two teams are also in the same pool, Pool B. South Africa and New Zealand will also be playing their first game of the RWC against each other. Thus there are some interesting bets for you to consider.

I’m not looking to break the bank with my Rugby World Cup bets. There are 728 bets I can place at my preferred bookies, not including any multiples that I might play. There are thousands of bets you can place, and thousands of bets you can win or lose. That’s why I’ve limited myself to a total spend of R250. But I’m not putting all my eggs (R250 worth) in one basket.

I mean, I could put R250 on South Africa to win. The current Rugby World Cup Betting odds at my bookies of choice is 5.0 for South Africa to win.  That means for my R250 bet on South Africa I could win R1250. Even with New Zealand at 2.5 odds, it’s still a really good bet safe bet to play that will win you R625.

What are the best bets for the Rugby World Cup 2019?

Life is too short for me to explain every single 2019 Rugby World Cup bet that you could place. But I’m not placing a single outright bet, simply because I don’t want to place a bet that I might lose halfway through the tournament and then I’m not interested in the remaining part of the Rugby World Cup. So instead I’ve opted to play a combination bet. That way I’m increasing my odds and I have the added bonus of picking a bet that will keep me interested for the whole tournament.

If you are in it to place a straight tournament win bet, New Zealand and South Africa are two great safe bets with decent odds. But, if you are looking for a slightly more of an underdog that could upset the whole tournament in 2019 then England (5.00 odds) and Ireland (11.00 odds) are two great bets. Especially Ireland at 11.00 is a great underdog bet.

Best combination bets for the Rugby World Cup

A combination bet is if you have to predict two correct results for your bet to payout. Personally, the only sport I really love watching is combat sports like the UFC. That is why I’m placing a bet on the main event for UFC 244 Jorge Masvidal vs Nate Diaz.

The big underdog bet

Nate Diaz (2.65 odds) to win in his fight with Jorge Masvidal and Ireland (11.00 odds) to win the Rugby World cup gives you combined bet odds of 29.15. That means for a R250 bet you could get a payout of R7287.50. Risky, maar fokken netjies as Ierland en Diaz kop deur trek.

The favorite safe play

Jorge Masvidal (1.47) to win against Nate Diaz and New Zealand (2.50) the Rugby World Cup combined bet gives you odds of 3.67 resulting in a R918.75 payout for a R250 bet.

The Bokke and Diaz bet

Put your money on Nate Diaz to win his fight in UFC 224 and the Springboks (5.00 odds) to just beat everyone for the World Cup 2019 gets you a combined bet odds of 13.25 resulting in a R3312.50 payout if your predictions are right.

The covering your bases bet

I’m a Nate Diaz fan. I just like the guy. He smokes weed in his open training sessions for massive UFC event and he goes on to deliver astounding performances in his fights. What’s not to like? I like it even more that he is the underdog going into the fight with Jorge Masvidal. Masvidal is a beast of a man, but if anyone can outpace and outstrike him, it’s Nate Diaz.

Pool B is the pool with South Africa and New Zealand, the two teams I actually rate the is in the running the most to win the RWC. The odds on a Pool B team winning the RWC is 1.72. That means that making a combined bet of a Pool B team winning the RWC and Nate Diaz beating Masvidal then you get odds of 4.56. This little R250 bet will pay out to R1139.50.

What would your Rugby World Cup betting look like?

I’m no expert. I used to work in a bookies in London, and I’ve played my own fair amount for sports bets. I’ve won big, but I’ve also had some losses. Such is sports betting life. I never place bets with money that I can’t afford to lose, and if you have a problem make sure you get help by contacting Responsible Gambling.

I like the odds for the Rugby World Cup at Sunbet. Whether you are a betting man or not (yes, women and genderqueer folk can also place bets) I would you rate will be the best bet for the Rugby World Cup. Let me know who you think is going to win the RWC in the comments. Bonus points if you put your money where your mouth is by placing your own Rugby World Cup Bets. Otherwise, get in on the RWC action by joining the GVLK Superbru pool now.

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