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LED Grow Lights for the South African grower

You might have grown some cannabis outdoors before. Or you might want to start growing but need to grow indoor because you have nosey neighbors. Either way, most people that are considering an indoor grow will at some point head to Google to search for “LED Grow Lights South Africa”. There will be a range of questions that follows that particular Google search. This post aims to answer some of the most common questions about LED Grow Lights that any South African grower might have. And if you don’t find the answer to your question here, please drop your question in the comments and we can answer it for you.

Why should you use LED grow lights in South Africa?

There are many reasons to use LEDs for your grow rather than HPS or CFL lighting. In South Africa, our ever-increasing electricity cost is definitely something a grower should keep in mind when setting up a grow space. LED grow lights are very economical when compared to HSP and CFL lighting.

The more Watts your LED grow lights have, the more electricity they will use. Thus, as your grow gets bigger the cost of electricity will increase as you need more lighting for more plants.

How many LED grow lights do you need for your grow?

That depends on the yields that you require for your personal use. Also, there are no clear laws surrounding the amounts of plants that one can grow for personal use in South Africa. Most experienced growers agree that an average to good grower can work on an average of 0.5 – 1.0g/watt.

How much cannabis can I grow with a 100 Watt LED grow light?

Even if it is your first grow it is completely possible to harvest 80-100 grams from a single plant grown under just one 100 Watt LED grow light. Depending on the strain that you grow and your experience a grower can get as much as 150 grams from a high quality LED grow light like a quantum board or a COB.

LED grow light technology has come a long way over the past several years. Many LED grow lights like the one I linked to above have full-spectrum light. A “Wideband” LED grow light produce the full spectrum of light that cannabis needs to grow. These full-spectrum lights generally produce better yields when compared to the red and blue spectrum based “burple” LED grow lights that were common just a few years ago.

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LED grow lights the best for beginners

LED grow lights have many advantages. One of the main advantages of an LED grow light is that it doesn’t produce a large amount of heat while on. Not only will your temperatures in your grow tent be easier to control, but you will also cut cost because you won’t need an exhaust system or ducting.

This is a really big deal for all growers. Even the most experienced growers know that managing the temperature in your tent can be a pain in the butt. Beginner growers will love the fact that an LED grow light produces low levels of heat and oftentimes cool themselves. Installing an LED grow light in your grow tent is as easy as simply hanging it above your cannabis plants.

Which LED grow light brand should I buy?

There are many LED grow light options out there. As with almost anything in life, you get what you pay for. Although full-spectrum LED grow lights can seem expensive to the first time buyer, in the long run, they are worth the investment. Just don’t waste your money on some China Mall “burple” LEDs and rather invest in a well-known brand. Here are some of the more popular brands.

  • Horticulture Lighting Group
  • ViparSpectra
  • Electric Sky (Green Sunshine Company)

Horticulture Lighting Group

These are great quantum board LED grow lights. I’m not only recommending them but have often helped setup grows using HLG grow lights. I have a small grow tent kit of my own that makes use of HLG lighting. I fell most comfortable recommending these lights to growers of all levels.

LED Grow Lights South Africa - HLG100

I sell the most affordable options myself, the HLG 65 V2 and the HLG 100 V2. The 65 Watt light has the ability to easily grow one very healthy plant in a small grow space and it is perfect for a stealth grow. The 100W light is great for the intermediate grower looking to grow more than one plant in a small grow space.


Getting hold of the ViparSpectra LED grow lights can be a mission in South Africa. ViparSpectra makes a wide range of LED grow lights at an affordable price range. Their lighting has also produced some really impressive yields, making them a bargain bang for your buck lighting option.

ViparSpectra LED grow lights

The wide range of VipraSpectra lights makes it a great brand for any size grow. The biggest negative here is how hard these lights are to obtain in South Africa.

Electric Sky

Electric Sky is a brand that is well known for its full-spectrum LED grow lights that uses quantum board technology. I’ve only seen a handful of this brand of LED grow lighting floating around South Africa. I normally recommend lights that you can buy easily in SA or on Unfortunately, even on Amazon, these are not always available. Making them even rarer in South Africa.

Electric Sky LED grow Lights

Electric Sky lights are known for great yields and the brand itself is known for great customer service. Here on the Southern tip of Africa, we value great customer service and Electric Sky LED grow lights are worth looking into.

Best LED grow lights in South Africa

At the moment, with our economy jumping up and down as it is everyone is on a tight budget. My suggestion to anyone starting an indoor grow is to start small and work your way up as you learn and hone your skills. Cannabis might be called the weed, but growing the plant indoors is very much a science.

At the moment HLG LED grow lights are the best available in the local market at a price point that is affordable enough that anyone can buy some. If you start with a small 65 Watts or 100 Watts LED grow light setup, you can easily upgrade to a bigger grow and introduce more light. HLG grow lights can be connected to each other very easily.

The low cost, the low operating temperature and ready to use out of the box nature of HLG grow lights makes them the best LED grow lights in South Africa right now.

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  1. Andre says:

    You mentioned you sell the hlg 65 v2 light? I’m interested, where can I get hold of one?

  2. Stix Gevaaalik says:

    @Andre: You can find the HLG 65 here:

  3. Franklin Saal says:

    trust all is well?
    Ek sien julle mention die Sky ligte…. Smaak so a LIG… do u know of any supplier in SA yet?

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    Great Article, Stix. Grow!

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    Hi is a 100w LED grow light purchased from Takealot , okay to use ?

    It specified the uses for indoor plants so

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