Erin Willett speel guitar en sy is nie ‘n model nie

Sê hello vir Erin Willett. Okay nou vee jy die kwyl van jou bek af en probeer weer hello sê. Erin is nie ‘n model nie. Sy is nie in die FHM nie, (nog nie) sy speel guitar en sal jou gat skop op jou Xbox of Playstation. Ongelukkig gaan jy maar moet fokken vertrek as jy haar hart wil try wen, nie eers gepraat van daai sexy lyfie nie. Erin is al die pad van die US of A af.

Sy is definitief een van die smaaklikste girls wat ons al raakgeloop het en sy het selfs die persoonlikheid om saam met daai looks te gaan. As daar enige ander dames daar buite is wat dalk ook gevaaalik wil raak saam met die crew kontak ons vanaf die “KONTak ons” en dan sal ons met jou reel.

Erin thank you for taking the time to chat to us. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you come visit us here in South Africa. I’ll show you my “lion”. So you’re a guitar playing girl? What else do you do in your spare time?

Erin: Well, of course I’m much more than “guitar playing girl.”  I like to draw and paint whenever I can.  I’m also a huge sports fan, I love it all!  I try to go to concerts as often as I can, whenever I’m not absolutely broke.  And I have to admit, when a good video game comes out, I play it constantly until it’s finished. What do you do for a monthly income? We might offer you a job a as a French maid if you would be interested?

Erin: Tempting, but seriously, French maid?  I think I will pass, besides, I thought I was getting paid for this interview?  Right now I’m a full time student.  I have worked the past few summers, but during school I try to stay focused on studying. Surely you have a boyfriend that does everything you ask him? If you don’t what can we do to fill the position?

Erin: Call me 😉 Why do you play the guitar naked?

Erin: Honestly, no particular reason.  But it sure does look good, right? It sure does, we are not complaining at all.  What turns you on?

Erin: Could never put my finger on it, whatever gives me butterflies… Do you have any tattoos or piercings hidden away we can’t see on your pictures?

Erin: Yup!  I got a tattoo at the end of last summer.  It’s on my right foot.  It was an important tattoo for me, I waited years to get it done.  It’s a sparrow, I’m quite fond of it. What is the sexiest thing you have ever done?

Erin: Well, I never really considered myself “sexy.”  So I couldn’t tell you if I’ve done anything in particular.  Let’s say, I really like surprises. Never considered yourself sexy? Have you seen the pictures we have of you?  What is your favourite drink and place to hang out?

Erin: I usually drink captain and coke, I’ll hang out wherever my friends want to go.  It’s not the place you’re at, it’s who you are with. Are you gevaaalik (roughly translated as dangerous) on the dance floor?

Erin: Oh hardly. I doubt I look good dancing, but that has never stopped me. What can you tell us that no one else knows about you?

Erin: I’m not a very secretive person.  But one time, at band camp… Ever kissed a girl? Surely you have, I mean you are a student, it’s the prime time to experiment you know?

Erin: Sorry, not my style.  I don’t do girls! What do you think of Surely it is the sexiest website you have ever seen?

Erin: By far the sexiest, I mean, after google translated it for me 😉

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4 Responses

  1. maria andros says:

    Great work keep it coming, best blog on earth

  2. wilsondebilson says:

    hey jij vuile smeerlap: beter houd je smerige rotpoten van dat mooie meisje of ik bijt je kloten af! ga maar naar je soweto hoertjes om je gijle lul te bevredigen.

  3. Joe says:

    Dear wilsondebilson,

    Thank you for your Google Translate Fail. It was truly beautiful. Inspired, but tragic. We write in Afrikaans, not Dutch, you twat.

  4. Erin says:

    Ruan just reminded me of this interview! Was a lot of fun! For more randomness check out my twitter @erinwillett…

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