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Joe Rogan says KSI vs Logan Paul to be first combat sports event with zero dire physical consequences

Some have called it a boxing match. Most call it the “millennial publicity stunt”. Whatever you want to call YouTubers facing off in a boxing match, Joe Rogan says that there is no cause for concern:

“Most combat sports is actually high-level problem solving with dire physical consequences. Getting punched in the head isn’t good for your brain. That’s your dire physical consequence right there. But no one has to worry about that in the KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match. I mean, you have to have a brain to get brain damage, right?” explained Rogan on Wednesday afternoon while kicking the living shit out of a heavy bag.

KSI and Logan Paul have signed terms to face off in two boxing matches. One match will take place on 25 August 2018 in the UK, and the other match is set to take place on US soil before February 2019. KSI has had one boxing match in the past against fellow YouTuber Joe Weller. Undoubtedly KSI, with his YouTube audience growing up and seeing right through his bullshit, is looking to line his pockets before he becomes irrelevant. KSI beat Weller by stoppage and wasted no time calling out another YouTuber that will be irrelevant within 10 years. Step in Logan Paul.

Should you know KSI and Logan Paul?

“I’ve never seen anything they’ve done, ever. I’ve got bags to kick, jokes to tell, elk to eat and coyotes that are trying to fucking kill my chickens. But chances are that if I don’t know this KSI kid, or this Logan Paul fucboy, very few people actually care about them. Isn’t Logan Paul the kid that got his ass handed to him on Twitter by Chris D’Elia?” laughed Rogan.

I explained that KSI has 18 million subscribers and Logan Paul has 16 million subscribers on YouTube. Both YouTubers target a young audience that has access to their parent’s credit card details.

Rogan had a puzzled look on his face and stopped gulping on a green smoothy long enough to say: “Well, there are a lot of dummies on planet earth. All I know about this Paul kid is that he bought a house that he probably won’t be able to afford in 10 years time and that he made a video of him standing next to a person that committed suicide by hanging. That’s just rude. But idiots will follow idiots. It’s been that way since the beginning of time.”


YouTuber boxing controversy

Dr. Rodilla Bofetada from the University of Head Trauma in Boston has voiced her causes for concern about the YouTuber Boxing match. Dr. Boftada also released a study sighting the brain damage that a YouTuber boxing match can cause: “My concern is not just for Mr. KSI and Mr. Paul’s brains being damaged, but also to the millions of children that will tune in to watch the live streaming of the boxing event on YouTube. My study was conducted during the KSI vs. Weller boxing match, and we have proven that viewers of the boxing match could actually feel their IQs dropping as they were watching the boxing match.”

Joe Rogan disagrees with Dr. Bofetada: “If they subscribe to KSI or Paul on YouTube they are fucked, and watching this “boxing match” isn’t going to make them any dumber. These subscribers are clearly already as dumb as you can get. But who isn’t an idiot at the age of 10?”

Tickets for the boxing event are going on sale soon, and both YouTubers stand to make millions from their exhibition.

“People are buying tickets to watch this? Are you fucking kidding me? For real, buying tickets? Oh Jesus, that supervolcano under Yellowstone better go off soon, because if you are telling the truth we are really fucked as a species.” said Rogan with a joint hanging from his lips as he was swinging around gorilla shaped kettlebells.

Who is your money on for the KSI vs Logan Paul fight? Have you got your mother’s permission to watch the fight yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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