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Using cannabis software for crop cycle management to get ahead of the game

As the cannabis industry keeps booming and legalization keeps spreading around the globe, more and more cannabis-related businesses are starting. But, just like with any business the management of your cannabis business should not be overlooked. This is why many in the cannabis industry have turned to using cannabis management software.

What is cannabis management software?

I spoke to Viridian Sciences, a cannabis management software specialist company that aims to provide businesses in the cannabis industry with the software needed to run and operate any cannabis-related business.

Because of the use of SAP Business One’s robust platform, Viridian Sciences has created ERP solutions with specific enhancements that fit the needs of producers, farmers, and growers of cannabis and hemp products. The management software supports any type of grow process, and by utilizing various technologies and hardware it can help speed up the management of any cannabis business.

What does the cannabis management software offer?

Managing a cannabis business has many aspects and levels, just like any other business. Cannabis management software makes the process simple and removes the risk of human error to a great extent. Here are some of the solutions the software can offer:

Strain Tracking

Tracking of strains and how they produce is critical if you want to maximize yield, grow more and grow quicker. With the software, you can set yield goals and view averages of the final product. You can also define key dates like propagation, drying, and curing.

Seed and Clone Propagation

Even when buying seeds and clones, it is very important to track data behind your propagation techniques. When you produce seeds and clones in-house it is even more important to keep your finger on the pulse of your propagation process. Identify strain that produces the most yield, track vegetative cycles, or track collective IDs, patient IDs, and even drill down to state IDs per seed, clone, or plant.

Laboratory Testing

Create any amount of tests you want, with as many fields as your business needs:

  • Custom test fields
  • Disease tracking
  • Effect tracking
  • Relationships between diseases, effects, and compounds

Track harvesting, drying, and curing

Viridian Sciences’ cannabis management software offers options for every stage of the plant’s life-cycle. Grade your products at the harvesting, drying and curing stages. With the implementation of hardware solutions like bar-code scanners, digital scales, and label printers you can automate the process and ensure accuracy like never before

Environmental Monitoring

Keeping track of environmental conditions during vegetative, flowering, drying and curing of cannabis are of great importance when producing a quality product for your customers and patients. Overlay data on test results to help you determine the best environment from every step of the cannabis product production process.


Even here in South Africa where we are moving towards the legalization of cannabis for medical use, there are a lot of state regulations that need to be complied with to operate within the law. Using cannabis management software will help ensure compliance and security of every grow, testing facility and shop/dispensary that you own.

Cannabis management software can do much more

Everything that a cannabis grower will need to manage can be streamlined with the use of cannabis management software. By investing in the right software, you are investing in the growth of your product and also the growth of your cannabis business.

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