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Super Rugby Betting Odds – Making the best picks

The start of the 2020 Super Rugby Tournament is around the corner. Friday we will see the kick-off with the first match between the Blues and the Chiefs and so the new season is full steam ahead. Whether you are just playing Superbru with friends, or if you are serious about Super Rugby betting odds, or just for bragging rights around the braai, I’m sure you are trying to predict the outcomes of the various matches. I’m a bit of a “Super Rugby Odds checker” myself. When you find the odds you are looking for, you can always bet on Rugby with Betway.

For many of us South Africans, Super Rugby has become a highlight of each year’s sporting calendar. I have friends that have a Superbru pool that you have to pay R100 to be part of. The top three friends at the end of the tournament split the winnings, but the R100 entry fee is also used to have a hell of a big braai on the day of the Super Rugby Final.

Super Rugby at every braai

Looking at Super Rugby Betting odds can tell you who the favourites are to win. Even if you are only doing Superbru predictions, if you are serious about your predictions then the odds can tell you how the Super Rugby Bets are going too.

I’m not a rugby fan, but I also get in on the Super Rugby action because over the coming months it’s going to be a topic od discussion at almost every braai. I know very little about rugby because I don’t watch rugby. The way I make my Superbru picks are very much based in sports betting odds, since that is something I understand.

Maybe by sharing what I look at I can help you with your picks or even your Super Rugby Bets.

First weekend Super Rugby Betting Odds

Below are the odds for each of the Super Rugby matches for the opening weekend. By having a quick look it’s clear that the Chiefs, Brumbies and Sharks are the favourites to win their matches on Friday. While the Rebels, Crusaders, Stormers and Jaguares are favourites to emerge victorious on Saturday.

Friday 31st January 2020 Super Rugby Betting Odds

Saturday 1st February 2020 Super Rugby Betting Odds

An interesting experiment that I have never tried, but have considered (but can never keep myself to) is to simply bet or pick the favourite before every match starts. I have a feeling that Super Rugby Betting strategy will yield better results for most self-proclaimed “Super Rugby experts”.

Betway is one of the online sports betting sites that you can use. Personally I actually think that rugby is a very silly sport and I’m not a massive fan. I would much rather take my money and bet on mixed martial arts (MMA) like the UFC, or the EFC. At the end of the day it is 100% down to you to decide where you want to spend your money and your time.

How do you make your picks? Let me know in the comments below.


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