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Study shows players that complain about DMR have IQ below 30

A new study done at the University of Hamburg by Dr. Spielen Fälschung has shown that Call of Duty Warzone players complaining about the overpowered DMR rifle has IQs below 30.

“Honestly, it came as no surprise to me or anyone on my team of researchers. Whenever new weapons are introduced to Warzone, there are one or two weapons that perform better than other weapons. It’s called game meta and it’s a pretty commonly known factor in many competitive games. Unless your IQ is under 30, then it is apparently very hard to understand the concept.” said Dr. Fälschung about the study.

By sourcing a test group from various online gaming forums on Reddit and Facebook, over 1000 test participants were selected at random. The test group was then exposed to screenshots of all the weapons currently in use in Warzone. Immediately afterwards test participants did an IQ test specifically designed to test the IQ of gamers.

“We had to select test participants at random to make sure that we get players with varying skill levels. This was very important because we have already determined that most players complaining about the DMR are just unbelievably bad at the game,” explained Dr. Fälschung about the study.

The test group players reaction to the screenshots of each weapon was then matched with their IQ test results.

“Those that clearly took issue with the DMR rifle, the Mac 10 and the Dual Diamatti pistols when they saw the screenshots, all had IQ scores of 30 or lower,” said Dr. Fälschung about the test results.

Dr. Fälschung and his team concluded that the players would never improve their IQ, because they spent most of their time on online forums like Reddit and Facebook, simply complaining.

“If you looked at their posting history, it became quite clear that they spent the majority of their time complaining about banalities online, rather than put the effort into improving themselves.”

This is a common phenomenon among human society, where humans lives have become so easy they lack excitement and find their own lives extremely boring. This leads to them looking for problems in anything and everything, because when they complain they feel like they are somehow contributing to society when they actually have very little to offer the human race. They exist purely to annoy those around them by never shutting up about things that mean very little in the bigger scheme of things.

“Their favourite pastimes include browsing the web for photos of cartoon girls (also known as ‘Anime’) and feverishly masturbating until their genitalia is raw. It’s a pity they can’t spend the same amount of time playing the game because then they might actually become better players in Warzone.” giggled Dr. Fälschung.

You can see the study results here.

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2 Responses

  1. Erick says:

    If you play Warzone your Qi is already below 35, reaching 30 is nothing

  2. Stix Gevaaalik says:

    @Erick: Someone that can’t type “IQ” out right has no place telling anyone anything about IQ, genius.

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