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Biblical Christianity is under attack

Biblical Christianity is under attack, not from many fronts, but instead it is being destroyed by religious zealots like Nancy who wrote this article I urge you to open that link and read her points and then read my responses to every single one. I responded to every single one, because every single one is retarded.

It always scares the shit out of me when I read things like this. How is it that there are so many evil Christians out there? How is it that they think it is acceptable to hate and point fingers? It’s a real pity that they are destroying their own religion from the inside and they are the ones who are really driving the youth of today away from the church.

TEN: Apathy – I’m Agnostic. For one simple reason: Who the fuck am I to say that there is no God? Who the fuck am I to say there is a God. We don’t know and we might not ever know. For now I’m trying to enjoy my life on this rock that is flying through space at 108000 km per hour. And while I’m here I’m just trying to be nice, not a judgemental hater.

NINE: Consumerism – It’s true we do live in a world that is filled to the brim with consumerism. But guess what? It’s not attacking Christianity, it’s attacking your wallet. Unfortunately it is human nature to want to develop and drive technology further. Technology is progressing at an alarming rate and that is why we want the new iPhone every year. But that isn’t so scary. What will be scary is when technology becomes sentient and realizes how dumb some people can be.

EIGHT: Pornography & Homosexuality – Nancy I think you should go back to reading 50 Shades of Grey. That’s not porn right? Because it’s all in your dirty little mind. As for your qualms about homosexuals and them getting married, I ask you this: “What Would Jesus Do?”

Pray Bitch

“Pray Bitch”

SEVEN: Catholics – I agree wholeheartedly that the Catholic Church should get fucked. There is nothing right about molesting children. But Nancy this is where I first saw that you clearly live in a disillusioned world. Just because a man is married doesn’t mean he isn’t a paedophile. Quick fact Nancy, Nearly two-thirds of convicted child molesters and/or offenders were or had been married. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

SIX: Muslims – Uhm, no, they aren’t really spoiling anything for us, not even for Christians. But Christians like George W. Bush and Barack Obama sure are spoiling a lot of things for them. Like being able to live in a war free country and being able to take an afternoon walk without getting blown to pieces by unmanned aerial vehicle or attack drone.

FIVE: CosPlay – Yeah because Mr T, Harry Potter and Lady Gaga are running around telling everyone how cool Satan is and how uncool Christianity is. Don’t fucking forget to mention the Easter Bunny and Santa with your list of imaginary evil doers.

FOUR: Sophistry – What you see as sophistry I see as common sense. But excuse me for thinking that it is smarter to question things than just sit back and accept everything “smart” people like you are telling me. I’m also sorry I have a few questions when you tell me that we all are the spawn of the same two people and that the earth is 6000 years old when I can show you a bunch of fossils that will prove otherwise. Then again, you might be right that there is some jester god running around planting fossils because he wants to test my faith.

THREE: Spare the rod – I agree 100% that children should be punished with a smack on the bum. I do not think hitting a child with a cane is cool, because it’s not. But this is not the root cause of the dysfunctional youth. People like you, who are blatantly lying to children, are the root cause of the youth rebelling against your lies when they find out the truth. Silly kids questioning things…

TWO: Internet – It is a wonderful world of colour. The colour get all the brighter when you’ve smoked a joint. But then again I wouldn’t know that if it wasn’t for the abundance of knowledge of the internet. Because guess what – that is another thing I was lied to about. The internet is the saving grace for the world because it is slowly but surely becoming harder for religious zealots and politicians to lie to people.

ONE: Atheists – Atheists can be dicks. Forcing what you believe on other people is never cool. Whether you are atheist and whetehr you are Christian. But the biggest problem I have with your number one threat to Christianity is the fact that you have decided that they are mostly beyond saving. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO MAKE THAT CALL? ARE YOU GOD? I’m pretty sure your God would also object when you start making decisions for him.

In conclusion, if we can all just try and be nice to each other and help each other this world would be a way better place. Cunty behaviour will be the downfall of the human race. And just because you are Christian it doesn’t mean you can’t be cunty. Nancy, your article is very cunty. As soon as you, Nancy (and everyone else reading this), realise that it is fine for people to like different things you will be a happier person.

I would like to hear your take on this and Nacy’s post in the comments below.

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19 Responses

  1. sopbeen says:

    Nice retort… I think Nancy is a troll though, but I’ll call Poe’s Law on this, as you can never really tell with religious logic.

    I just have to add something to your difference between agnostic and atheist:

    What I read from you is that atheist means that they completely deny the existence of any god now or ever. As an atheist myself, I don’t believe in the gods that have been presented to me throughout my life, but I will not be as arrogant to think that a god cannot exist. If tomorrow an alien race comes to Earth and claim to be our makers, I would no longer be an atheist. It simply means i don’t ‘believe’ in the so called gods that man have dreamed up so far.

    In that sense, I don’t think there is any difference between atheist and agnostic, because they essentially mean the same thing.

  2. lol says:


    1) You just let yourself get angry by an internet troll.

    2) Jou hele gediggie hierbo kan opgesom word so: Nancy, stfu.

    😀 *badum tss*

  3. lol says:

    nee wag, nog beter…

    “Hey Nancy… Wa bly djy?! DJY BLY STIL!”

  4. Ed says:

    I first read Nancy’s article so that I can follow your points afterwards, while reading hers I came to a conclusion that she is indeed one disillusioned woman that is coming off as arrogant. Now I have been to Church and all that, and what I can remember is that “hoogmoed” (can not remember the English word for it now) is the greatest sin according to the Bible. Now doesn’t Nancy strike you as a person that is actually thinking she is better than the rest, and trying for everyone to follow her example? I tend to think so. After I read your comments on her so call “valid points” I agree with you. Biblical Christianity is not under attack, Nancy’s fucking “perfect world” is.

  5. Frik says:

    Ek dink jy sit die pot mis met punt 6 Moslems, hulle blaas sommer mekaar op sonder hulp van buitekant. ‘n Eenvoudige voorbeeld is Sirie.Dit is maklik om altyd die VSA die skuld te gee vir almal se probleme.In die Sudan kom die Moslems ook baie goed reg, sonder die VSA om mekaar dood te maak om nie eers van die veertienjarige meisie te praat wat in die kop geskiet is omdat sy nie met die Taliban ,wat so ver ek kan onthou Moslems is, saam stem nie.

  6. Stix says:

    My punt is dat dit nie reg is om alle Muslims onder dieselfde kam te skeer nie Frik, dit is maar al. Dit is soos om te sê dat alle Afrikaners PT broeke en vellies dra.

  7. Frik says:

    Of TAPOUT T-shirts

  8. Stix says:

    Nee, net kommin dose dra Tapout hemde

  9. andre scholtz says:

    Dude, met jou kommentaar doen jy, ironies genoeg, presies dieselfde wat Nancy gedoen het, dink bietjie daaroor…sy het as Chirsten uitgevaar, en jy as wat ek aanneem Atheist, terloops ek is ook n Christen, ek stem nie saam met wat Nancy gese het nie, dit is nie die gospel van Jesus nie, inteendeel dit is presies die teenoorgestelde, ek belei ek was lank n “Nancy Christen”. Punt is ons almal is sondaars, Christene en Atheists, die vraag is, is jy gered….

  10. Stix says:

    As jy die artikel ‘n bietjie meer deeglik gelees het sou jy seker geweet het ek is Agnostic en nie Atheist nie. Ek dink omdat jy soos jou agterstewe lees wil dit ook vir jou voorkom asof ek “presies dieselfde wat Nancy gedoen het” doen, ironies genoeg is jy heeltemal verkeerd.

    Wat ek eintlik gedoen het is om ‘n comic twist te probeer sit op Nancy se artikel en uit te wys dat ek nie ‘n fok voel wat jy glo of in wie nie, solank jy nie ‘n poes daaroor is nie. Wees net nice.

    Ek het niks om van gered te word nie, behalwe miskien “Nancy Christene” of ander mense wat my wil sê hoe ek my lewe moet leef.

    Ek het die link uit jou comment verwyder, bloot vir die rede dat ek nie dink dit is nodig vir jou link om daar te wees nie. Niks persoonlik nie.

  11. andre scholtz says:

    So wat jy se is jy het eintlik probeer snaaks wees…..

  12. Stix says:

    Weereens nee. Ek het probeer om mense te oortuig om nice te wees met mekaar bo alles anders. Sodra mense nice is met mekaar en aanvaar dat almal nie dieselfde voel oor goed, die selfde dink oor goed en kan hou van ander goed as wat jy self van hou sal die wêreld ‘n baie beter plek wees.

    Ek is baie verbaas dat jy dink ek het probeer snaaks wees. Ek was dood ernstig met wat ek geskryf het, al spot ek soms met die belaglikheid van Nancy se artikel.

  13. andre scholtz says:

    BTW die link was vir jou bedoel, gaan check dit gerus bietjie uit, was nie my bedoeling om gratis bemarking op jou blog te dief nie, jy sal daar sien daar is awesome Christene wat nie hul geloof of oortuigings op ander probeer afdwing nie, soos ek, wie meeste van my pelle “Agnostic’s” en Atheist is. Jy moet dalk n sondag of so n draai kom maak by ons kerk in Parkers comedy club in Monte Casino, scheem jy sal dit like. Jammer as ek jou comic twist verkeerd geinterpreteer het. sweet

  14. andre scholtz says:

    ek stem saam met wat jy se stix, mense moet net nice met mekaar wees

  15. andre scholtz says:

    ek dink nie mens sal ooit kry dat almal nice is met mekaar en nie probeer om hulle shit op almal anders af te dwing nie, dis sad, ek kry mense soos Nancy jammer

  16. Stix says:

    Ek weet alle Christene is nie prekerige haat monsters nie. Ek het twee baie goeie vriende wat Christene is en my nie judge oor ek nie dieselfde dink as hulle nie.

    Dankie vir jou uitnodiging en die link. Ek gaan wel dit sê nee dankie. Ek het lankal my issues met geloof uitgesort en ek het niemand anders nodig om my te vertel wat reg en verkeer is nie. Dit is vir my interesant dat julle in ‘n comedy club kerk hou though. Miskien kan julle my laat weet as julle weer ‘n open mic dag/nag het dan maak ek miskien ‘n draai en try my stand-up legs bietjie uit.

    Dankie vir jou kommentaar Andre.

  17. andre scholtz says:

    Cool, jy is enige tyd welkom, Nicholas Dinnie van Desmond and the Tutus is meeste Sondae op die dromme, hy rock nogals, en Simon Hodgson, boettie van Glen en Paul van the Parlotones op keyboard, (fok ek name-drop soos n fag he) maybe moet jy dalk net kom om n resensie oor die band te doen….anyway, ek like gevaaaalik kwaai, keep it up!

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