Orena – A Million Rand challenge for local eSports competitors

Early last month Orena announced their R1.7 mill challenge for DOTA2 and CS:GO.

Gevaaalik Gaming’s DOTA2 team also entered to take a crack at this massive prize pool.

How the Orena Challenge works

Essentially the same as the DGL (now VS). There is a ladder and a champions division. In the champions division there were 8 pre-invited teams. These are typically your top 8 teams currently. They are:

  • White Rabbit Gaming (1st: VS Gaming, 1st: Mega8 Winter Cup)
  • xTc Gaming (2nd: VS Gaming, 2nd: Mega8 Winter Cup)
  • Energy eSports (3rd: VS Gaming, 3rd: Mega8 Winter Cup)
  • eXdee Gaming (5th/6th: VS Gaming, 4th: Mega8 Winter Cup)
  • Bravado Gaming (5th/6th: Mega8 Winter Cup)
  • Aperture Gaming (4th: VS Gaming, 7th/8th: Mega8 Winter Cup)
  • Damage Control (See OCS Seed Playoffs)
  • Flipsid3 Tactics South Africa (See OCS Seed Playoffs)

One thing we can’t get our heads around are Damage Control and Flipsid3 Tactics. Till about a week ago FT had no DOTA team to speak of and DC did not perform impressive at all. Orena knows something we don’t and this is going to lead to some crazy match-ups.

Gevaaalik Gaming and Orena

The ladder is where our team Gevaaalik Gaming DOTA team will play under the leadership of Matt “2.0” Muller. The ladder currently consists of 22 teams under which are some of the regular faces seen in the VS league.

We are extremely excited for our boys to take on some of the best teams in SA as they are having an absolute cracker of a season thus far. They are currently sitting snug in third place in the VS 1st division with their eyes set on that spot in the premier division.

The ladder tournament starts of on 5 June. The top 2 teams will receive a wild card entry into the grand championship taking place late September, see champions.orena.com for more info and twitch.tv/orenaonline to watch Orena Live.

Keep an eye on our Twitter page for details on when you can catch Gevaaalik DOTA in action.

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  1. June 14, 2017

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  2. June 14, 2017

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  3. July 20, 2017

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