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Can you buy weed online in South Africa?

These days you can buy almost anything online, as long as you know where to look. Books, games, music, toilet paper, toothpaste and almost anything else you can think of can all be bought online. But what about stuff like weed. As more people are dumping boozed for weed, because it’s less harmful to your health more people are looking for easier ways to get their weed. Can you buy weed online? And if you can buy weed online, where do you even begin?

Buy weed online - South Africa

Besides, who wouldn’t want to have their weed delivered to their door. Rather than going to a brick and mortar store. Cannabis use still carries a stigma in many places and cultures and ordering online ensures even more privacy. NO chance of a nosy neighbour seeing you as you come walking out of the weed store.

Check the laws of the country you live in

Rule number one of buying weed online is not to do it if it is not legal where you live. The last thing anyone wants is to end up in jail for something as silly as buying some weed or some joints. Thus, the first thing you should do is make 100% sure if buying weed is legal in your country.

In Canada recreational cannabis has been legalized. That means that you can walk into a store and legally buy your weed as long as you are of legal age. In Canada, you can even buy weed online. Every adult in Canada can legally possess 30 grams of cannabis. 30 grams is enough to last you a long time, but it’s still something that can easily be shipped or couriered right to your front door in a small package.

Buy weed online easily, securely and privately

Not everyone is into smoking flowers. But now you can do more than just buying your cannabis online. You can buy your weed in any form that you like to consume it in. Not everyone is a fan of smoking, so many people prefer edibles and vaping cannabis products.

There are a large variety of cannabis edibles available online. Gummies, chocolates, banana bread, popcorn, fizzy drinks, brownies, cookies are all choices available to those looking to buy edibles. Shatter, budder and other forms of cannabis concentrate are more for those who like dabbing. For those looking to be a bit more discreet, there are vape pens with replaceable cartridges. Every cartridge on your vape pen lasts a couple of weeks and you can get multiple cartridges all containing extracts of different strains of cannabis.

Can you buy weed online in South Africa?

Private use and cultivation of cannabis might be decriminalized in South Africa, but the selling of cannabis and cannabis products remains illegal. That means that even if you find a South African website where you can buy weed online, you shouldn’t. Yes, where you get your weed in SA is a bit of a grey area at the moment, but you should not take the chance.

If you as a South African want to start buying weed online then you are going to have to move to Canada. The laws in Canada already allows you to legally buy weed online. In South Africa, it might still be a couple of years before we can do that.

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