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This is Thalente Biyela

Meet Thalente Biyela. As a kid, Thalente grew up with really harsh circumstances at home. After receiving his first board from Dallas at indigo skate camp his life would forever change. At the young age of 11 Thalente left his home, and had to find a way to survive the streets of Durban as a kid. The Beach front skate park became his new home, not only was this where he spent most of his days practicing his craft, but the place where he slept at night. All the older locals could see that he was something special and they kept supporting him, even getting him a tutor to teach him how to read and write.

Thalente Biyela

A couple of years later and Thalente has become someone you regularly saw on the local skating comp circuit. Skating big comps like the Maloof money cup came rather natural for him and he easily won over local fans and even some international ones. That’s where this story takes one amazing twist.

After getting his Pro athlete Visa for 5 years to go pursue a career in Skating in U.S.A. Thalente has had the opportunity to skate with pros like Kenny Anderson and even skate the Tampa AM, one of the biggest amateur comps there is.

From living in the streets of Durban to skating the streets of L.A., Thalente has a great story to tell. Dig for fire and Thalente are making a documentary and could use your help.   Go to www.seedandspark.com/studio/i-am-thalente and donate as much as you can to make this happen. Check out the video below and spare a few cents to help Thalente out.

Writen by JP Swartskaap

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