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South African Sports Betting Sites – What a sports better should know

If you are a Springbok rugby fan, chances are that you need South African sports betting sites more than anyone I know. For two years you could have pocketed yourself a nice bit of extra cash if you placed a few bets against the Springboks under Allistair Coetzee. Have the betting odds been in favour of opposing teams all the time? Hell no! Was it all just because of bad coaching? I don’t know. I’m not a rugby fan. But even a non-rugby-fan like me knows that if I took every bet I was offered against the Springboks over the last two years I would have made more than I lost. I’d also have more dop because of many of the bets with my friends where for a bottle of brandy or whiskey.

Sports Betting South Africa

Why sports betting in South Africa?

We all know that a bet can make any sporting events more interesting. For instance, I’ve never been a massive fan of golf. But when I was living in London I had a roommate who was very into golf, especially watching it on TV. This roommate was also the one who dabbled in sports betting. Because I can think of very few things as boring as watching golf on TV, my roommate suggested that I place a bet on the 2004 US Open golf tournament. I picked Retief Goosen because he was South African and because and because my roommate told me that he won the US Open in 2001.

I’ve never been so into watching golf. I can’t remember everything, but I can remember it was between Goosen and Phil Mickelson. I can also how Goosen won it in what felt to me like a real clutch (gaming term for snatching the victory in the last moments) day of golf. I also clearly remember the £30 bet that I placed on Retief Goosen to win at odds of 33/1. That day I won £990, an amount that was more than half of what my monthly salary was at that stage working at a bookies in London.

Which sports can you bet on in South Africa?

That’s right, I used to work in a Ladbrokes in London. You would be surprised how much you learn about sports betting when you work for a bookies. That is probably also why I was not allowed to place any bets at any Ladbrokes. But we knew the odds that Ladbrokes offered, so when you did decide to place a bet you could find the bookies with the best odds.

In London, you could bet on anything, from rugby and horses to who would win Big Brother UK. In South Africa, we are not there yet.

If you’ve spoken to a friend about a sport around a braai, the chances are that you will find a South Africa online bookies that will take bets for that particular sport. It really comes down to finding the online sports betting website that offers the type of bet that you want to place on whichever sport. When I wanted to place a bet on Connor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather the Betway website didn’t offer bets for the boxing match, but the BetXChange website did. Recently when Canelo Alvarez and Gannady Golovkin squared off, a friend of mine actually won the draw bet only because he found a South African bookie that offered it and he was silly enough to place such a bet as a goof.

Rugby, cricket, soccer, tennis, boxing and pretty much every other major sport or sporting event that you can think of will all be “bettable” somewhere. Just make sure your chosen sports bookie can legally operate in South Africa.

No sports betting on eSports yet

As much as eSports how grown to have multi, multi-million rand tournaments for Dota and CS:GO and also a massive growth in the competitive FIFA scene, I’m yet to find South African sports betting sites that takes bets on these tournaments and their matches. One day, hopefully soon we’ll see sports betting websites get involved in the local eSports scene.

Is South African sports betting sites legal?

Yes, as long as the online sports betting website is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board it’s all legal in South Africa. Of course you have to be at the age of 18 to gamble legally in the first place. So if you are under the age of 18, don’t think online sports betting will be an easy way for you to break the law. For those in countries that censor access to South African gambling sites, you can access these sites with the help of a VPN which allows you to bypass website blocks.

South African Sports Betting sites are legal

There will be some paperwork

Back in 2010, I placed some bets through Victor Chandler on some Super Rugby matches. Registration for my Victor Chandler account was as easy as creating a new Gmail account. But when I wanted my winnings, then came the paperwork: Proof of address and a copy of my ID. Recently when I wanted to place my bets on The McGregor vs Mayweather fight I had to provide these documents even before I could place a bet.

Just keep in mind that there might be some admin to take care of before you can place your bet or collect your winnings.

Top South African Sports Betting Sites

Now, just so you know I have not personally placed bets at the online sports betting sites mentioned below. But luckily there are plenty of reviews of these types of sites online so you can easily do your own research. But here is five trusted online sports betting sites for South Africans. Also, the below offers may have changed since the publication of this piece. These sites also offer various online casino payment methods.


Betway currently offers 125% first deposit bonus. That bonus can be a nice little bump for your online bets, seeing as they give you 125% first deposit bonus up to R1000. So if your first deposit is R100, then your account will be credited with another R125 totaling you on R225 to bet with. Don’t lose it all in one bet. Betway is also part of a larger international group that sponsors some Premier League Soccer teams, so you know they are legit.


Sunbet is part of the Sun International group. You know, the guys that also have various land-based casinos across South Africa. Places like Sun City and Carnival City. Sunet is currently offering to double your first deposit up to R500. And you get MVG points on your sports bets if that’s your thing.


Sportingbet claims to be the largest online sportsbook in South Africa. Sportingbet will 100% match your first deposit up to R2000. I like Sportingbet because they offer bets on MMA. Thus I can place bets on the UFC and Bellator, but strangely enough not the South African EFC.


Bet claims to have great odds, so if you want to measure odds between sports betting websites maybe have a look at their odds too. They also they have fast payouts. So if you want to get in, place your bets and get out ASAP it seems like Bet might be the site for you.


Not only can you place your Super Rugby Bets at BetXChange, but you can also join the BetXChange Superbru pool. That way you can win yourself some betting vouchers with your Superbru picks as the 2018 Super Rugby season progresses. They also currently offer a first deposit bonus of 100% up to R10 000, if you are one of those ballin’ motherfuckers.

If you can’t afford it, don’t place that bet

As with everything in life, the key is to do it responsibly. The same applies to online sports betting. Just be lekker and don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. The most fun you will ever have is by placing bets for nothing other than fun. If you have a problem with sports betting or gambling, please contact Responsible Gambling.

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