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How to get Free Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

Since I first started writing about cannabis seeds and getting seeds in South Africa there have been a lot of fly-by-night seed sellers that appeared online in South Africa. Many people have had their fingers burnt and paid a lot of money for crappy seeds. So it comes as no surprise that many of those people are now looking for ways to get free cannabis seeds in South Africa since they don’t want to get scammed again by dodgy online seed banks and headshops selling seeds.

Free Cannabis Seeds South Africa

Luckily, I’ve been in the cannabis game for over a decade. Not only have I obtained thousands of seeds over the years, but I have also grown seeds into healthy plants that I’ve harvested exceptional cannabis from. I know what to look for in seeds, and some of my best harvests have come from free cannabis seeds. The cash-grabbing, lazy hippies selling their shitty genetics at exorbitant prices is something that I detest and as such I’m going to explain to you how you can get some seeds without having to hand over your hard-earned cash to some lazy bum running a headshop or seed bank from their bedroom.

Free Cannabis Seeds – no purchase required

The best way to get free cannabis seeds is from other cannabis users. Most cannabis users are not in it for the money. They simply want to enjoy the plant. Anyone who regularly has cannabis normally has some seeds lying around. These seeds mostly come from cannabis they have grown themselves, or seeds they got in the cannabis they use. Seeds found in the weed that you buy are commonly known as “bag seeds” because they can be found in the bags of cannabis sold by other people.

Yes, typically when someone buys a bag of weed they don’t actually want the seeds. They want the cannabis. For the most part, the seeds are simply discarded. Those are the cannabis seeds that most people will happily give away for free. Those free cannabis seeds are also the seeds that I have used most in the past to cultivate my own cannabis plants.

With bag seeds, you will never know exactly what genetics you are getting. For me, that is part of the fun. Currently, I’m growing from free seeds that I got with a strain called Apple Jack. I kept two of the seeds and as spring came around I simply planted those two seeds. I now have two happy and healthy cannabis plants. I’m yet to determine if they are male or female plants, but seeing as the seeds were free, it doesn’t really matter all that much. What I do know is that often times I am surprised by the quality of the weed that I get from these plants.

Get free seeds with the purchase of cannabis seeds

Many reputable online seed banks give free seeds when you purchase cannabis seeds from them. Most of the trusted and well-known seed banks like Seedsman and Seed Supreme have buy-one-get-one-free deals or simply throw in a few free seeds when you purchase a certain amount of seeds. The biggest advantage here is that you know the seeds you are getting are not crap.

Forget about South African cannabis seed sellers. For the most part, they have very high prices for very sub-par genetics. Most international seed banks worth their salt do ship free cannabis seeds internationally. These packages are discreetly packaged, and South African customs are clueless so the packages always slip through unnoticed.

Technically I guess these are not completely free cannabis seeds, since you have to buy some to get some. Still, you get more than you paid for.

The best way to get free cannabis seeds in South Africa

Phone a friend. Since the 2018 Constitutional Court Judgement people in South Africa are much more open with their cannabis use. You most likely know at least one person who uses cannabis. Simply ask them if they have any seeds to spare. If they don’t have any seeds at that moment, just ask them to please hang on to any seeds that they might come across. Sharing is caring, and you can always offer to give them a bit of your harvest in return for the free cannabis seeds that they provide to you.

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