How to buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa

It’s been a week since the ConCourt has decriminalized the use of cannabis in a private space. There are no heaps of bodies on the streets. There aren’t suddenly thousands of people with newly diagnosed cases of schizophrenia and rehabs are not full of “potheads”. There are many more questions that are left to be answered, and one of the most common questions being typed into Google is: How to buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa?

Before we jump into “where, what and how” we have to address the elephant in the room.

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa?

Cannabis seeds in South Africa

At the moment, in September 2018 you can possess cannabis seeds in South Africa. But it is still illegal to buy or sell cannabis seeds in South Africa. That being said, the trade of cannabis seeds still happens in South Africa and will continue to happen especially that you can now cultivate dagga for personal use in South Africa. It has especially become commonplace for South Africans to buy their cannabis seeds online because it is discreet.

What should I buy if I want to buy cannabis seeds?

That depends on what you need or what you want from your weed. Firstly make sure that you are familiar with what a healthy cannabis seed looks like. Fully mature and healthy cannabis seeds are a dark brown, often marbled through with lighter shades or stripes. Seeds that are pale green or white since these probably aren’t mature or healthy and would most probably not sprout, let alone produce a healthy cannabis plant.

What you want is big fat seeds, that you cannot crush between your fingers (don’t actually try) with a teardrop to almost rounded shape. You can use smaller seeds too, but generally speaking, you are much more likely to get a healthy sprout from a bigger seed. From here you will also want to consider things like genetics, brand (breeder of seed), what type of marijuana you want and what your growth space is like.

Cannabis seed genetics

Genetics of the seed will tell you a lot about what kind of plant you are going to have. Basics to keep in mind is whether the plant is indica or sativa dominant. The better trained the genetics of a seed, the more likely the plant is to grow as it says on the pack. Please don’t buy bag seeds and then expect to get a plant that grows in a certain way or that has certain traits that the guy said it will. Creating a stable cannabis strain takes many years and lots of hard work. Crossbreeding and experimenting to create a seed with the needed genetics and characteristics can take a very long time. The more stable the genetics, the more the seed will cost.

What are cannabis seed brands?

If you’ve done any research on the topic, you have probably seen or read about some of the more popular cannabis seed brands. These well-known brands have been developing and growing marijuana seeds for many years. These years of work and experience has obviously produced some really stable genetics that you can now purchase to grow for yourself. These well known brands seeds are often more expensive, but worth it if you don’t want to end up wasting your money.

Here are some of the more popular brands to look out for:

Dutch Passion Seeds

Dinafem Seeds

Sensi Seeds


Attitude Seeds

Flying Dutchmen

Paradise Seeds

Sensible Seeds

Soma Seeds

Green House Seeds

How much should I pay for cannabis seeds in South Africa?

That very much depends on what seeds you buy. Bag seeds you might be able to get for free, out of a bag of weed that you have. Or you might be able to buy some bag seeds from someone that has some for as little as R25 per seed. Or if you want a specific Dinafem genetics cannabis seed then it could cost you over R1000 a seed. It literally comes down to what you are willing to pay for the seed of the cannabis plant that you want to grow.

Where do you buy cannabis seeds in South Africa?

Like most people trying to grow dagga for the first time, it is often advised that you use bag seeds. Those are the seeds that you find in your bag of dagga. This can be a cost-effective way to acquire cannabis seeds without running the risk of wasting a ton of money by overwatering all your sprouts. Likewise, if all the plants turn out to be male then at least you will not have paid massive amounts of cash for a bunch of seeds.

Other than that there are many online options to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa. Just make sure that if you are using an international seed bank that they do in fact ship cannabis seeds to South Africa. There are also a bunch of local online cannabis seed shops that have a large variety of seeds to choose from.

How will I get my cannabis seeds?

Your cannabis seeds will be sent to you via the mail or via courier. That depends on the seeds bank that you buy from and the shipping methods that they offer. Normal mail is normally the cheapest, but you also run the highest risk of receiving crushed seeds or not receiving seeds at all. This doesn’t happen all of the time (or even most of the time) but it has happened. Couriers are generally a more reliable delivery option, but they almost always come at a higher cost.

Better seed banks will ship your cannabis seeds in some type of protective packaging, in an attempt to avoid any damage to the seeds. Crushproof and discreet packaging is the sign of a seed bank that wants to make sure you receive your product.

How can you pay for cannabis seeds online?

These days most seed banks will accept credit card or debit card. There are also seed banks that offer options like a cheque if you are old school, or PayPal and even Bitcoin if you are really new school. Credit Card seems to be the most hassle-free option available to South Africans that want to buy cannabis seeds, especially when buying from international seed banks.

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    How long will it take for trophy seeds to deliver?

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    @Danielle: Once payment reflects they take 2-3 days to get delivered to the Postnet selected by you, as they send out parcels via Postnet to Postnet.

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