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CloudV Alien

Since 18 September 2018, I’ve started receiving a lot of email from a bunch of people looking for a way to enjoy cannabis without having to smoke it. The obvious answer is vaporizing. The problem with many vaporizing setups is that they aren’t exactly portable. The CloudV Alien is here to solve the portable vape problem, while still giving you options in terms of what cannabis product you prefer.

The liquid and wax vaporizer

What really makes the CloudV Alien vape pen unique is the fact that you can vape either vape liquids or waxes with it. The Alien comes with two separate cartridges. One cartridge is for vaping liquids and the other cartridge is for vaping waxes. The liquid cartridge takes of your favorite vape liquid. That’s right, you can fill it up with any vape liquid and you can blow big old clouds of marshmallow flavored vape clouds all over the place, and then seconds later put the wax cartridge on the CloudV Alien and start vaporizing was.

The wax cartridge that comes with the CloudV Alien can take 1.5g – 2g of wax or cannabis extract of your choice. The wax cartridge has a large ceramic chamber that makes vaporizing extracts like wax, quick, effective, clean and easy.

CloudV Alien design

At just short of 11cm, the CloudV Alien is not a big device. You can easily slip it into a backpack, handbag or even just your pocket. The name of the Alien might have come from the design of the vape pen itself. Not that the Alien looks like an actual alien, but the CloudV Alien does look somewhat like a miniature alien spaceship. Clean, straight edges house a compact vaporizer that is easy to use and has three temperature settings.


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Swapping out the liquid cartridge for the wax cartridge is quick and easy enough that anyone would be able to do it without actually having to read the instructions. Although, you should always read the instructions. The three temperature settings mean that you can find a temperature that works best for how you like to vape. A small light on the battery indicates the temperature setting that your Alien vape pen is at: Red (Low), Green (Medium) and Blue (High).


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Another CloudV you can trust

CloudV makes quality products. Simply put, Tommy Chong would not just put his name on any old vaporizer. Tommy Chong chose to put his name on a CloudV product. CloudV has been in the vaping game for years and they spend many hours and dollars on research and development of each of their products. When you buy a CloudV product you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product. The CloudV Alien is not an exception to the rule and you get the same CloudV quality that you have come to expect from the company.

If you vape both liquids and waxes or extracts, then the CloudV Alien is one of the best options in compact vaping devices on the market at the moment.

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