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Onthou jy die Corsa Lite advertensies?

Onthou julle vir Raj1 en Raj2 van die Corsa Lite advertensies van jare terug? Wel, kyk die video van een van die ads hieronder. Was die ads regtig snaaks, of is dit kak? Wat dink julle?

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2 Responses

  1. Quin says:

    That was by far the best one I’ve seen yet

  2. Joe says:

    Dear Quin,

    Thank you for visiting gevaaalik.com. It’s so nice to see someone responding with ungeneric sentences like “That was by far the best one I’ve seen yet”.

    In fact, I think that you might not even have watched the video in this post, and that you (or some clever spam bot) is traversing the internet, spreading your comments everywhere. And do you know why I think this, Quin? Because your comment is kak. And you only left a comment so that you could also leave a link to your kak website (which, as it turns out, we have disabled).

    In short, then, your visit to gevaaalik.com was not very nice at all, but simply a cheap way of spreading links to your kak website, which offers kak services. Please, if you want to advertise your kak website, do so via Google Ads or take out a page in a fucking newspaper. Please don’t come and leave generic and unspecific bullshit comments and links on gevaaalik.com because you are being a fucking cheapskate. You might just fucking tempt us to reveal your e-mail address to the world/porn sites, so that spam can find you faster than you can spread it.

    If I am wrong, and you are in fact a dedicated fan of gevaaalik.com, then I sincerely apologise. (In that case you might want to be more specific with your comments, and not link your name to website that offer products and services.) If I am right, however, fuck off.

    You have a nice day now!

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