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Cyanide & Happiness

So a few weeks ago gevaaalik.com approached they guys from Cyanide & Happiness to ask them a few questions. Here we are now, a few weeks later and the interview is finally done. Thanks go out to Matt for sparing some time to answer a few questions. If you don’t know what Cyanide & Happiness is you should wake the fuck up. You can go check out their website at www.explosm.net and there will be a second book with a collection of some of the best Cyanide & Happiness stuff coming out in the near future. You can get the book from kalahari.net at this link www.kalahari.net

geavaaalik.com: How does the thought process behind a Cyanide & Happiness comic work?

Matt: A lot of our ideas come from everyday conversation or seeing things that spark an idea. Then you take the idea, gently whisk it for 2 mins, put it in the oven (preheated to 350deg) and bake for 20-25mins until a light golden brown. Then add fart jokes.

gevaaalik.com: How did the decision come to do Cyanide & Happiness full time?

Matt: We realized it was actually possible and just dove in head first.

gevaaalik.com: Is Cyanide & Happiness your only source of income?

Matt: It has been for several years now.

gevaaalik.com: How did your parents react when you told them what you are planning on doing for a job?

Matt: Mine have always been supportive. They might not have understood exactly what I was doing at first, but the trusted me anyways.

gevaaalik.com: How does the average day go for a Cyanide & Happiness writer/illustrator?

Matt: We sleep all day. We’re nocturnal.

gevaaalik.com: Is there anything else you are working on at the moment?

Matt: We’ve got another book of comics coming out very soon called “Ice Cream and Sadness.” We’re also re-launching our online store for t-shirts, plushies, posters and more.

gevaaalik.com: What are your plans for Cyanide & Happiness in the future? Maybe a TV show or a Movie?

Matt: We’re thinking about it, just need the right opportunity to come along.

gevaaalik.com: What TV shows inspire you, what do you watch when you’re sitting on your couch at home?

Matt: I actually watch a lot of dramas nowadays: House, Mad Men, Dexter, Breaking Bad. Comedy-wise, I still love 30 Rock, Community and It’s Always Sunny.

gevaaalik.com: Are there any illustrators\comic guys\comedians that you look up to?

Matt: I fall in love with Louis CK more and more every day. His comedy is amazing, he has an incredible work ethic and he just seems like a master at his craft.

gevaaalik.com: Lastly, is julle gevaaalik? hahahaha

Matt: Yeah, sure.

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