A Kaleidoscope of Desert Dunes and Boerewors

Een van ons arabiese vriende het onlangs vir ons ‘n artikel gekryf oor hoe hy voel oor mense in Suid-Afrika. Meer spesifiek Afrikaners. So sonder om verder julle tyd te mors, hier is Zaheer Carrim se “A Kaleidoscope of Desert Dunes and Boerewors”.

South Africa; a land full of comical politics and cultures so vast that it makes an International Summit look short. As a citizen of this country, with heritage that stems from desert lands and Eastern fortresses, I realise that my place here is a paradox of sorts. My forefathers came to Africa in search of promise, new investment and an extended source of intentions.  It is here that one is often faced with trials and tribulations that see the battle lines of culture, religion, colour and dialect all merge to form a crater of possible manifestations, both beautiful and sad.

As person with oriental origins in South Africa, I often occupy a social and corporate space with other races and creeds. One of my most favourite of these, are Afrikaans people.  My rationale for this “liking” is vast, but I will share the main facets that make up my inclination to sharing oxygen and stationary with this fellow man.

Afrikaans people mostly originate from breeding that is close-knit (one might say homely), family orientated and marginally exposed to the truths that govern the dynamics of families. It is with this demeanour and persona of an Afrikaner that I notice a certain “frankness”.

Their “bottom-line”, straight to the point way can often be misunderstood with crudeness. It was after many friendships (past and present) and work interactions that I notice this trait. It is enveloped with a politeness that comes from old-school values.  The Afrikaner is proud of his heritage, he limits his interactions with anything that hinders this and is equipped with enforcing his values to exercise his/her rights as a being contributing to global occupation.

I am often received well in Afrikaans society. The political correctness of most navigate to a very stream-lined co-existence. If I had to comment further, I would be generalising, and creating figurative “mood-boards” that is not true to all Afrikaans people. So I will conclude by saying that my observations and liking for this culture/people can be witnessed everywhere – from afar, or your local supermarket. It is a holistic pattern of personalities, originating from certain parts of the world, but anchored on the southern tip of the continent.

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11 Responses

  1. Francois says:

    Dankie Zaheer! Jy is ook nie heeltemal so kak soos almal se jy is nie….jokes!

  2. Thank you for you kind words Francois! All the best to you!

  3. amanda peers says:

    Great article. Wow!!

  4. Francois says:

    No problem! Come again eye-rabi man!

  5. Amanda Peers says:

    I think you are very uncouth Francois.

  6. Amanda Peers says:

    Its guys like you that make stereo-types so surfaced!

  7. Thanks Amanda, and don’t worry about Francois, he gets intimidated by everyone!

  8. Francois says:

    Amanda 🙂 Stereo-type my ass! I work in the same office as Zaheer and we just like giving each other shit. Can’t you see that my comments are tomfoolery? Get your facts together before you simply judge next time!

  9. Amanda, don’t respond. He is not worth it, but he has proved your point to the full.

  10. Francois says:

    pfffttt! 😛

    Anyway, your article is great Zaheer, but I am now tired of this digital horsing around. Thanks for the insight, enjoyed reading it. And sorry if you feel offended Amanda.

    FYI…to see what Zaheer is up to … you can follow him on Twitter @HazeerC

  11. Amanda Peers says:

    Thanks Zaheer, again great work!

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