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420 Gamers in South Africa – It’s a thing

It really is like Bob Dylan said: “The times they are a changin'”. Even though you might have never thought about it, 420 gaming is actually a thing. Yes, not everyone partakes, but chances are in any group of gamers there will be a few that are fans of weed and gaming, and especially a combination of the two. But why is gaming high so popular? Here are a few reasons why South African gamers like to blaze and game like true 420 gamers.

It’s not a crime to game while stoned in South Africa

Nothing will “harsh your vibe as quickly” as getting arrested. But recently South Africa’s Constitutional Court decriminalized the personal use and cultivation of cannabis. For that reason, you are now more likely than ever to hear a bong rip and a cough through your Discord voice chat while enjoying a few hours of gaming with friends. With the threat of jail time out of the way, stoners have come out in the open to play.

Cannabis can help keep the rage at bay

Many gamers have been there. Sometimes the rage hits you. If you are lucky the rage leads to a bit of shouting, maybe some cursing and bashing your hands on the desk. If it’s a bad case of the rage, keyboards, mice, monitors, TVs, controllers are all at risk of bearing with the brunt of your rage. Although raging is not exactly anxiety, it is a type of anxiety that many gamers experience while gaming. Cannabis has been shown to help with anxiety, so it might help gamers who tend to rage. In the process, they might save themselves from having to buy a new console or PC.

Gamers grow really dank weed

Not all gamers are the same. They all love gaming, but they often choose different platforms to game with. But regardless if a gamer prefers PC or console they all like have a gaming area where they feel comfortable. Research goes into finding the right seating, building a PC, finding the right peripherals (headsets controllers, keyboards and mice) or even just the lighting in the room where gaming is done. This attention to details is something that helps when you are trying to grow your own weed. All gamers certainly don’t have OCD levels of attention to detail, but every gamer that grows weed grows really good weed. Coincidence?

Gaming and getting high is often a social activity

For many gaming is fun, but gaming with friends is infinitely more fun. The same can be said for getting high. The stereotype of gamers being people that don’t want to spend time with other people socially could not be more false in reality. It just so happens that gamers are often social through voice chat while playing together or even against each other. Thus it’s no surprise that gaming and getting stoned often go hand in hand.

Don’t drink and drive, smoke and game. Do you consider yourself a part of the 420 gamers elite? Why do you use cannabis while gaming? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Shane says:

    Hey this is me lol! Gaming for years. Just build a customized high end rig to my preference and hey my first crop turned out so good and dank people were like whaaattt isss thissss!!!

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