100Watt LED Grow Light – HLG 100 V2


When it comes to LED grow lights perfect for beginners or as a supplementary light in your grow tent, the HLG 100 V2 is great for a small grow space with a 2-4 plants. This LED grow light uses our custom designed High-efficiency white light quantum boards. The board contains a total of 192 Samsung LM301B LED’s, from which it produces 15,000+ Lumens with just 100 Watts of power. That’s equal to 300W CFL or 200W metal halide, but without the high electricity use. Now available to the South African grower.

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LED Grow Lights South Africa

HLG LED grow lights are finally available to the South African market. The HLG 100 V2 is an affordable solution for anyone who grows in South Africa. The HLG 100 is a great LED grow light for a grow tent that can easily house 2-3 plants or a great affordable supplementary light for an existing grow. If you want to introduce another plant to your grow space and you are going to need to supplement light this is the perfect option that won’t break the bank. HLG 100 V2 LED grow light produces very little heat, helping you to manage the temperature in your grow tent more effectively.

HLG 100 V2 Features

  • High-efficiency Samsung LM301B LEDs
  • White Light Full Spectrum for better grow results and yields
  • Reliable passive cooling design
  • Better canopy light penetration with diffused light
  • Non-Dimmable Meanwell Power Supply included

HLG 100 V2 LED grow lights specifications

Power 95 Watts
Voltage Range 90 VAC to 264 VAC
LED 192 pcs Samsung LM301B
 Flowering Footprint 2’X2′
Veg Footprint 3’X3′
System Efficiency 170 Lm/W
System PPF Efficacy 2.45 μmol/joule
Total output 235 PPF
Dimensions 325mm X 280mm


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