How to germinate cannabis seeds

When people start growing their own weed, inevitably they will all Google the question “How to germinate cannabis seeds?”. Especially when you start paying for high quality seeds, then you want to make sure that you use the best way to germinate your cannabis seeds.

Best way to germinate cannabis seeds

Below is a very popular and easy way to germinate your cannabis seeds. With growing weed, nothing is set in stone because every plant is a little different. But instead of trying to rewrite the book on the best way to germinate cannabis seeds, I thought I’d rather also share the video below. (bottom of the page)

I also cover another way to germinate cannabis seeds in South Africa here.

The best way to germinate cannabis seeds


Let’s take a look at the equipment I’ll be using. I’m running two lights: The SolarSystem 1100 by California Lightworks and the XL 1000 by Kind LED. For air circulation, I’m using my trusty Hurricane 16 inch three-speed fan. For exhaust him using the Vevo Sun 440 CFM in-line fan and filter kit. I’m using a Lasko temperature control tower heater for my dark period. I’ll also be using this humidifier by TaoTronics to keep my humidity at a constant range. To monitor my temps I’ll be using a bay light temp controller. Links to all the products used including my nutes are in the description of this video.

In this tent, I’ll be growing two different strains: Cheese and Jack Herer. I will have links to the seed bank I use in the description of my video they offer discrete worldwide shipping and a huge selection of seeds from all different kinds of breeders. Although I only plan to grow 4 plants under each light, I’ll be germinating 6 of each just in case a few fail to properly sprout. I’m switching it up a little this season with my medium. I’ll still be growing in a soilless mix, however, instead of just coco coir and perlite this mix by Tupur also includes compost and basalt. The mixture allows for optimal porosity that will give great aeration to my root system. Because it’s still a soilless mixture our current methods of feeding will still carry over for this grow. It’s time to start germinating. To start I placed the seeds into glass jars full of water that has been brought up to a PH of 6.5. Seedsman recommends using spring water. However, my tap water is not hard water which makes it suitable for growing without extra filtration. Depending on where you live and the quality of your city’s water you might want to consider an RO system.

Some seeds might sink to the bottom right off the bat. Some won’t. The reason I soak the seeds prior to placing them in the paper towels is it will activate the germination process. There are many ways to germinate your seeds including dropping them right into your soil. However I found great success with this method and haven’t found a reason to replace it with another. After the seeds are put into their jars they’re off to a warm dark area to so for 18 hours.

After 18 hours the jars are removed from the tent. I empty the excess water leaving only a small portion for the seeds float in. You’ll notice that most if not all the seeds should sink to the bottom. If they don’t then don’t stress that they can still sprout regardless. Next, I dumped the water seeds and all onto the paper towels. Once that’s done I space the seeds out evenly over the paper towels and then cover them up with another. After that I lightly soak them. You’re looking for the paper towels to be moist, however, don’t drown them in a puddle of water. I’ll check these seeds every three to four hours and reapply water as needed. You want the tap roots to grow at least three-quarters of an inch long before planting them into their media.

Once they’re all tucked away it’s back into the tent until they are ready to plant. It’s important to keep it dark, humid, and warm in your germination area.

48 hours later and all 12 of our seeds have successfully germinated giving us yet another 100 percent germination rate. Using my fingers I create a small hole about an inch in depth and place the seedling taproot down. Using my fingers I lightly cover the seedling with its medium making sure not to pack down the top layer. Now it’s time for our plant’s first watering. Using plain P.H. balanced water and moisten the medium using a spray bottle. A spray bottle allows us to evenly saturate the pots without disturbing the tap roots too much. You’ll find that these gals will use little to no water in this stage. I also want to make it clear that I’m not feeding any nutes at all throughout their entire first week of life. Just plain P.H. water. It’s also important to keep the medium moist at all times. Don’t let the pots dry out completely.

Once the plants get a little bit bigger and break the surface I can now gently water using a watering bucket. It’s still important not to disturb the medium too much. However, each day that passes the plant will get stronger and more resilient.

It’s now the end of week one and our plants are happy thriving and growing strong. Each of our twelve seedlings successfully sprouted. Because I only have eight plants being grown in this tent, I’ll be sending the other sprouts to a new home where they can grow and thrive.

Unfortunately with how I want to train this season I won’t be able to fit another four pots into the tent.

You can tell when it’s time to water when the top part of the soil begins to dry out. Soilless mediums require constant watering is every day, where traditional soil grows can’t be watered every two to three days. Depending on the plant’s maturity and size. It may require you to feed multiple times a day.

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