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Remember when we used to see photos and videos of people in China walking around with face masks on their faces because of “germs”. Remember how we laughed. The age-old saying “Who’s laughing now?” comes to mind. Over the last two months the world has changed dramatically and suddenly seeing people walking in the local Checkers with a face mask is not funny. But do you even really need to be wearing a face mask to protect yourself from Covid-19 and other viruses? If you should have a face mask, what type of mask should you get? So before you feverishly type “face mask South Africa” into Google, let’s do some research.

Face masks South Africa

Do you need a face mask South Africa?

Technically, no, you don’t need a face mask in South Africa or any other part of the world. But it kind of seems like face masks are a bit like seat belts in this regard (except wearing a seat belt is enforced by law): You don’t have to wear a seat belt to use a car, but if you need a seat belt and you are not wearing one you are going to regret it. The same applies to a face mask. You don’t have to wear one when you go buy milk and cookies at the local grocer, but if you come close to a person infected with Covid-19 you are going to wish you did wear a mask.

If you are in a situation where you come into contact with many people on a daily basis, wearing a face mask is not a bad idea. If you are going to be near or treating anyone with Covid-19, a mask might not be a bad idea. In fact, it probably won’t hurt to wear a face mask and although it might take some time to get used to wearing one, it definitely helps prevent (or at the very least limit) the spread of Covid-19.

What type of face mask do I need for Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is mainly spread by droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks. Thus, wearing a multi-layer face mask will prevent you from inhaling these small droplets containing the Covid-19 virus. Or, if you are unbeknownst to you already infected with Coronavirus you will be less likely to unintentionally spread it. Wearing a mask is not just to protect yourself, but also those around you.

Types of face masks in South Africa for Coronavirus

Your face mask should:

  • fit snugly and securely over the front and side of your face, covering your nose and mouth.
  • have multiple layers of fabric.
  • not hinder your breathing
  • should be washable if you are planning on reusing your face mask

Homemade face masks

Homemade or DIY face masks are a thing and there are plenty of YouTube videos and blog posts out there that will show you how to make your own face masks. Generally speaking, most of these homemade face masks are great if you need a mask in a pinch and you don’t have one handy. It seems like face masks might become part of our everyday lives, so you might want to consider something that is more future proof and definitely reusable and washable. In California people already have to cover their faces when going to public spaces.

Face masks don’t have to cost a fortune. There are great face masks out there that will nog cost you an arm and a leg. There are plenty of people overcharging for masks, but the reality is that you never have to spend more than R50 on a face mask. Even in South Africa, many people can afford to buy a face mask that will fit comfortably and securely on your face and do its job.

Face masks for sale in South Africa

What is the price of face masks in South Africa

There are plenty of face masks available. Personally I prefer a face mask that is plain, and black. I might end up customizing my mask with some art on the front. If you are looking for face masks for sale in South Africa just make sure that you don’t get ripped off. Make sure that you buy a mask that you can wash and it should maintain it’s functionality and form after each wash. Rather invest in a decent face mask now because even a decent face mask doesn’t have to cost hundreds of rands. Personally I would never pay more than R50 for a face mask, but I recently got me and my family masks that cost less than R50. The face mask price will differ from seller to seller and ultimately the choice is yours.

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