Affordable cannabis oil for those who need it most

When cannabis becomes a topic of discussion, most people default to thinking of stoners who just want to get high. We often forget about the medicinal value of cannabis, especially for people who are forced to use chronic medications that can have real negative side effects. Gideon Chernoff is one little boy who unfortunately needs cannabis for the treatment of his cerebral palsy. And for many affordable cannabis oil is out of reach.

Gideon Chernoff's cerebral palsy and epilepsy is treated with CBD cannabis oil

Gideon Chernoff

Gideon was born with cerebral palsy 2 years ago and has since also been diagnosed with epilepsy. Gideon’s parents have been using CBD cannabis oil to treat him and slowly help get him off other more harmful medications.

Affordable cannabis oil

Many parents have gone so far as to move to a US state where cannabis is legal, simply to gain access to medical cannabis. But even when you don’t have to worry about getting arrested for helping your child, the cost of cannabis based medications is still out of reach for many families. Monthly treatments for Gideon can range in cost between $300 and $500. This cost has inspired Gideon’s parents to not only create a supply for their own son, but also to create cannabis product supply for other families that might normally not be able to afford medicinal cannabis products.

“We seek to grow industrial hemp for the purpose of making CBD oil as well as producing hemp for hempcrete and similar “green” endeavors.” says Greg, Gideon’s father.

Gideon’s parents have started a GoFundMe to help raise the funds they will need to start “Gideon’s Garden”. Gideon’s Garden will be a industrial hemp farm where the main aim will be to produce high quality CBD oil for treatment of Gideon and other children like him.

Luckily the hemp plant is robust and cannabis oil is not the only thing that will come from Gideon’s Garden. Various other products will also be produced from the plant matter, seeds, and materials left over. Along with producing CBD cannabis oil there will also be the production of hemp textiles, food products and even industrial strength building materials. The production of these other products will offset the cost of the CBD oil, giving Gideon’s Garden the ability supply families that can’t afford the high cost of cannabis medications, a lower cost alternative. The ultimate goal being able to supply low income families with free quality CBD oils.

Starting a hemp farm is not cheap

Not everyone is able to grow their own medication in their back yard, and when the ultimate goal is to produce enough cannabis oil that can help multiple families you are going to need more space than the average back yard has to offer. But buying a piece of land big enough to farm hemp, and the farming equipment needed, doesn’t come at a low cost. Hence the need to try and help raise the funds via a GoFundMe.

affordable cannabis oil for those who need it most

The property Gideon’s parents wants to buy so that they can start farming hemp and more affordable cannabis oil for those who need it most

By donating you will not only be helping improve the quality of life for one boy, but potentially tons of families that can’t afford cannabis medications. Now if only the South African government can stop dragging their feet so that we can start similar initiatives in our own soil.

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  1. Songezo says:

    I would like to play a role of growing this plan for medical purpose around cape town what can i do ?

  2. Stix Gevaaalik says:

    @Songezo: You can start growing the plant and hope that you build up enough experience that by the time that it’s legal someone would employ you to grow the plant for medical purposes.

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