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4 of the most common CBD myths

Whether you are thinking about using CBD or you know someone who is thinking about trying CBD, it’s currently a conversation starter second only to the weather. When the topic of CBD pops up in conversation you are guaranteed to hear at least one of the common CBD myths.

Common CBD myths

Your standing around the braai and everyone is talking CBD. One guy is vaping it, the other guy takes it in capsule form each morning with his multivitamin. Then suddenly one person says: “I know a guy that was very into the CBD stuff, and then he got arrested for dealing an illegal substance.”

You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a common CBD myth.

CBD cures anything and everything

CBD has shown very positive results in the treatment of various medical conditions. The list of diseases that have been proven to respond positively to CBD treatment is long, and the list of anecdotal reports is endless.

That being said, CBD is not a guaranteed cure for anything.

There is not a single pharmaceutical that comes with a guarantee that it is going to cure you or a loved one’s disease. CBD doesn’t come with a guarantee either. Every person responds differently to CBD treatment, and what works for some might have a different effect with others. For most people, CBD is just a preventative measure, like taking a vitamin supplement each morning.

CBD is psychoactive and will make you high

Pure CBD will not get you high. Products labeled as CBD products have to be manufactured with cannabis plants that contain less than 0.2mg of THC when dried. THC is the cannabinoid that is psychoactive. Through the extraction process, you will likely lose a lot of the THC that was in the plant. The trace amounts of THC that might be found in CBD products on the shelves will be so low it will have no effect on you.

CBD is illegal

CBD products have been legal in South Africa for many years. That is why you can buy CBD oils and CBD vape juice legally from stores and online retailers all over the world. Even before the ConCourt judgment of 18 September 2018, CBD has been legal. Only THC containing products are still illegal to sell.

All CBD is the same

A Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and a Toyota Prius are both cars, but that doesn’t mean they are both the same. If you don’t know much about cars you might have to see underneath the hood before you understand the difference. The same applies to CBD.

CBD can differ based on the genetics of the plant being used to produce the CBD, where and how the plant was grown, how the plant was harvested and how the CBD was extracted can all impact the CBD. Whether you are buying hemp CBD or full extract CBD oil, there will be a difference. Full extract cannabis oil might contain higher levels of THC as well as a full range of terpenes. There has been some evidence that CBD is best taken with the full spectrum of constituents found in the cannabis sativa plant.

Make sure you find the CBD that works best for your needs.

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