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Jade Grobler – South Africa’s greatest export

Step aside KWV Brandy. We know you think your are fancy because you are kind of popular world wide. Well, you don’t have almost 1 million followers on Instagram do you KWV? Jade Grobler is clearly much more popular, world wide and as such she is one of South Africa’s greatest exports. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, South Africa has unbelievably good looking women. Jade Grobler is one of those women and even though she doesn’t live here any more, she was born in South Africa. Currently she is a 22-year-old model.

Jade has been living in Australia since she was 10. She still has “ZA” in her Instagram profile, so she has clearly not forgotten where she comes from. She has been on Instagram since 2014 and started working with bikini label Boutine LA. Jade is also an Bang Energy Ambassador so make sure to check out her Instagram profile to grab her discount code.

All the below images are sourced from Jade’s Instagram so make sure to go give her a follow and help push her past that 1 million follower mark.

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