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Gevaaalik Gaming gets a Dota 2 team

You might have noticed that I started getting into eSports more and more lately. Not only have I been watching competitive eSports, I have also been competing and made the choice to start Gevaaalik Gaming, gevaaalik.com’s very own eSports entity with it’s own teams.

Dota 2 is one of the most competitively played games in the world, and as such I thought it would be a smart move to acquire a Dota 2 team ASAP. Luckily I found a team that fits in with Gevaaalik Gaming, so let me (or actually 2.0) introduce you to Gevaaalik Gaming’s Dota 2 team.

Dota 2 Team Gevaaalik Gaming

We have been competing as a side since early 2016 with mixed results and a few roster changes here and there. Finally this year I believe we have found the right mixture of players and have achieved a small amount of success. We have qualified for 1st Division in the Telkom DGL Dota 2 League, we reached the final round of Community Shield Masters Qualifiers and have made the knock out stages of the OM Majors Rebellion Cup.

We pride ourselves in our ability to have fun even during competitive games, also we get really excited when we don’t do something horrific worthy of a meme. We started under Gevaaalik Gaming after chatting to the guys there as of April 2017. We like the vibe and we like the gevaaalik.com audience, as they seem to like the same stuff we do.

If you are keen to watch us play all our games will be streamed and advertised on the site and we are all on Twitter if you would like to connect. As a team we plan on taking our DOTA even more seriously and would like to be a permanent fixture in the Masters League over the next 2 years. If this somehow occurs it would be a awesome, as, at the end of the day we are just a bunch of baddies trying not to fail.

Dylan “CheeseGrater12” Barnes

Currently Gevaaalik Gaming’s lane support, I was introduced to Dota 2 by team captain _2.0 and his brother in 2015. Spectating and playing with the team regularly, I learned quickly and naturally took to supporting _2.0 which landed me a spot on the team as reserve support in mid 2016. Since then, I have become a core member of them team, devoting much of my free time to Dota and trying to ascend from the potato bracket.

Kieran “Omen” Bester

Started playing Dota back on Warcraft 3, about 10 years ago. Joined the team because they needed someone to send out nudes and being the best looking it fell upon me. I’m 6’3 so I like to play the tall heroes because it makes cosplay easier. Here to have fun and if anything cool happens then that’s a perk.

Dave “Fonix” Nienaber

I have been playing Dota for 3 years. Only stated with competitive Dota from the end of 2016 . I am playing for Gevaaalik gaming since Feb 2017 as a pos 4 or 5.

Andre “2g1p” Lourens

Super support for @gevaaalikgaming ‘s Dota 2 team. Enjoys long walks through the river, smoking and stacking for the carries. Played my 1st game of Dota 12y ago and have been playing mostly casual ever since. Recently got a wiff of competetive Dota and absolutely loved it, joined Gevaaalikgaming March 2017 so still fairly new but working hard to find my groove in the team.

Jeandre “Harton” Welgemoed

Never Fear, Harton is Here! And I’ve been playing Dota 2 since 2012 – let’s not even talk about other MOBA games… Being one of those 1994 guys who grew up on gaming I’ve always been a hardcore gamer, playing every game on the hardest possible difficulty. Seeking a challenge, I found the MOBA genre to be the right fit for me, combining both teamwork and individual skill. Then in 2014 I formed my own small team for Dota 2 with some friends. I joined this team in Feb 2016 and as a team we have grown a hell of a lot since then. Now I seek to challenge the very best in South Africa along with the rest of these baddies.

Matthew “2.0” Muller

Captain of the Gevaaalik Gaming DOTA 2 team. Pilot in my spare time. Been playing DOTA since 2012, been a baddie since 1988. Played for 3 other competitive sides prior to starting my own team. I play carry/core role for the team but only because I am terrible at everything else. Started this squad because I believe in a group of people growing together in terms of skill and synergy as opposed to putting a bunch of high skill randoms together and hoping it works. Was introduced to high tier competitive DOTA 2 by Toki-Wartooth playing for Valkyrie E-Sports team Ragnarok and have been hooked ever since. Every member of this team has been hand picked by me for their general poor plays and terrible personalities… All of which we are working on. Hope to make Gevaaalik Gaming DOTA 2 one of the country’s greatest over time.

Watch this space.

Heino “Toki-Wartooth” van der Merwe

Jack of all trades master of solo wisp. Im a 23 year old music teacher with a passion for gaming and have been playing dota since its first installment as a warcraft 3 mod. I have been playing competitively for around 5 years and was also the one to bring our last hitting robot and now captain into the competitive scene. My hobbies include a number of things from making music, reading and gaming, but the utmost would be roleplaying a submarine captain and telling my teamates to Dive!

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